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Clickbank Tracking Subid can be up to 24 Characters Long

Clickbank Tracking Subid max length can be up to 24 Characters Long – not limited to 8 as most sites tell you.

OK… I have been running into conflicting info regarding the maximum number of characters you are allowed to include in the subid for tracking your Clickbank Affiliate URL (hoplink).

Almost everything I see out there says 8 MAX but NOT ACCORDING to CLICKBANK! They say you can have up to 24 characters – after which they will truncate the subid. NOW that’s more like it! 8 is not enough! 24 should be just fine!

Although ME personally – I hate LIMITS of any kind!

I’d rather see smething more open ended but hey – I guess some people could potentially abuse it and cause extra processing – so in this case 24 makes sense – but 8 – NO WAY!

EIGHT is simply TOO LIMITING! What if you want to include a site name and a category identifier??? 8 is not enough!

Fortunately Clickbank says we can use up to 24 characters!

Look below for the policy from the official Clickbank affiliate tools (continued – read more of this article…)

Amazon.com wants the PPC MONEY all for themselves!

>>> 4-17-14  Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened – make sure you get my big bonus!

Amazon.com wants the PPC MONEY all for themselves!

Amazon.com has a great associates program and while I haven’t been doing as much recently with it as I had done in the past – it is still lucrative and brings me in some decent money on a regular basis. Best thing about my amazon earnings is I don’t do any new work for it – it’s old work (passive income) that still pays me money over time!

As you may have heard Amazon Associates will have some new rules to be playing by… originally I was more concerned, but just found some clarification. As far as I can tell it’s not so bad.

When I heard there were changes for associates and that they were no longer paying on some referral fees I was concerned. What is their new policy???

I just found this and thought you may be interested in this clarification of what they are doing in regards to PPC advertising by associates.

As far as I can tell – it is ONLY direct linking they are trying to stop paying on… we can still do landing pages.

This is from their page:

“Q: How do I know if this change will affect me?

A: If you are using paid search advertising services like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter to send users directly to the www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.com or www.endless.com website, this change will affect you. If your own website has links to Amazon’s US or Canadian sites and you are using these or other similar services to send users to your own website, you should not be affected by this change as long as you comply with all terms of the Operating Agreement. “


“Q: If my paid search advertisement directs a user first to an interstitial page, then to www.amazon.com, www.endless.com, or www.amazon.ca, will I earn referral fees?

A: No. However, if you place paid search advertisements to send users to your own website, and then your website displays links to www.amazon.com, www.endless.com, or www.amazon.ca in accordance with the Operating Agreement, you may earn referral fees for qualifying purchases made by users who click on your paid search ad, click through to your site, then click through to an Amazon site.”

Here is the URL I found this on – there is more on it… go have a look for yourself.


This mainly affects affiliates who had been using datafeeds and such to do direct linking and running ads on PPC.

So – at least we now know they will still pay if the users come from our sites or landing pages… my question is – do you think amazon will be profitable with a PRESELL page if we can’t do direct linking via PPC???

CPA Hot Spot – Gauher Chaudhry Has a Free PDF Report

Gauher Chaudhry’s Free 89-Page Report Reveals How To Make Money With CPA Offers!

The PDF is yours for free after you register at Gauher’s CPA Hot Spot web site. It’s worth doing because the 89 page reference guide for CPA and PPC is loaded with data that can get even the newest of newbies up to speed and in the know about CPA and Internet Marketing fast! > CLICK HERE

Man, you get so much for free – it’s crazy!

BUT WAIT because that is not even the BEST PART – DIG THIS – when you get yourself registered at the site and login – you will find 3 other MUST HAVE reports you can get! Don’t tell Gauher, but the reports from Jonathan Van Clute, Amish Shah and Keith Baxter are as good or better than the 89 page PDF! You’ll videos and more! Look below to get the details BUT get them now! > CLICK HERE

Earn Crazy CPA Commissions Building An Email List

A Mini Course from Jonathan Van Clute!

“Prepop Power Profits – How I Built a List of Over 60,000 Optins In Less Than 6 Weeks And Earned $64,821.60 In CPA Commissions Doing It!”

Can you imagine getting paid over sixty grand in CPA commissions for building an optin list of tens of thousands of prospects?  This is one of those Cinderella stories where a guy goes out and tries something with one little secret tactic that almost nobody is doing and makes an unreal amount of CPA commissions. 


You also get more Advanced PPC Tactics For Insane CPA Commissions from Amish Shah 
“Discover The Pay Per Click Tactics I Use To Generate A Six-Figure Income… Daily!” (continued – read more of this article…)

Learning Affiliate Marketing from the Experts!

Man, it’s been hot the last few days here at the beach.

80+ degrees in October is more than welcome, but it’s hard to work when it’s so nice outside! But I do need to work and write this as I have something I need to share with you right now, so you can get on it as soon as possible! I need to introduce you to an excellent new audio training program from one of the sharpest minds of internet and affiliate marketing.

It’s a value packed product than anybody can afford and everyone serious about making money with affiliate programs should invest in.

If you can’t wait to check it out go ahead and click the link, but please allow me to share some personal information with you and put this product in it’s proper context.

>>> Click for Affiliate Marketing Audio MP3’s

There are few things in life that are more important to me than learning from people I admire and wish to be more like. It goes way back for me – not just a recent thing.

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while or know me from Article Underground, you’ve likely noticed that I am the kind of person that likes to share good ideas and help inspire people.

I’m always in search of inspiration, knowledge and ideas that can help me become a better person and improve my business and personal life. >>> more >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

eBay Affiliate Program Has an All New Partner Network

Breaking news as eBay has just taken over it’s affiliate program on April 1st from Commission Junction and has brought it in house.

This is good news for anyone who has been less than happy with cj.com’s poor statistics and archaic ways of setting up links. Hopefully eBay will make it easier to track stats and make sales! This affilaite program has already been a money maker, even with the poor tools from CJ!

If you have been signed up as an eBay affiliate with CJ, simply go to the eBay Partner Network and register – the transition will be fast and smoothe if my experience is an indicator!

Click here to register for eBay

There is also an ebay partner network migration guide at ebay’s blog.

I registered on Thursday April 3 and it went through painlessly. I simply checked my email and verified my data and was instantly set up with an account for several countries and had access to the tools.

(continued – read more of this article…)

The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint

The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint My simple to follow action plan to score big on promoting CPA offers.

As you may already know I just moved to Laguna Beach. I have created a special moving sale offer for a 1 year prepaid membership.

Special Offer >>> Article Underground Moving Sale Deal

OK, let’s get down to business and get into this action plan. It can make you a lot of money! The secret is using CPA offers such as freebies and trials to get your prospects to take action! It’s easy – I will show you how!

Are you earning pennies from people clicking ads on your pages? That’s not enough to get you rich!

If you are ONLY relying on Adsense ™ PPC earnings to make your fortune in web publishing, then you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table that could be yours! With minimal effort you could be earning a lot more money! Sure, PPC ads may be the EASIEST way to earn money – such as by blindly putting that Adsense ™ contextual ad code on all your web pages – however it is NOT necessarily the best way to earn money from the targeted traffic coming to your web pages.

(continued – read more of this article…)

Can you feel the “online surge”??? It’s starting!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Article Underground and I have a few items to share with you.

1) Discussion of the big surge in online activity for the holidays and beyond

2) Podcast transcript now available to print and run!

3) New set AU articles coming on the 16th with a special bonus gift for current AU members.

It’s getting close to Christmas and New Years and that means that sales, clicks, transactions and online activity in general will start going through the roof very soon.

It also means that many people and businesses will be in a state of chaos and will be distracted with many folks disappearing to go gift shopping, decorating, fooling around, or go away on vacation for the holidays.

That means that the next few days and possibly into next week will be the quiet time before the “online storm”.

From past experience I usually see a huge spike occur right around the 26th of December (day after Christmas) and it continues through all of January. It’s a wonderful thing for those of us that make our living online!

January has always been my best month for making money online (for over 12 years now) and the one I earn the most in. December and April are usually the next most profitable. So don’t worry if December is passing you by, because January is a monster and after a brief slowdown in February it will stay busy until April when it will once again peak and explode! After that – May starts the slowdown until Summer hits when many online businesses have the least activity (not all – some seasonal businesses have other peak months).

Now is the time to work hard and plan for the surge in activity that is coming at us!

Are you ready for the storm?

Do you have web pages up and indexed by Google that have the words that people will be searching for???

For those of us selling infoproducts, eBooks and affiliate products online, there will be a huge amount of newbies with computers who will be looking for information and more importantly to buy things!

Why not be the one to hook the newbies up with what they will be searching for??? They have a lot of money in their pockets from Christmas!

Create keyword rich web pages that have information about the products and services that you know the new computer owners (and cell phone owners and high tech gadget owners) will be seeking out.

Make sure your keyword loaded article web pages have relevant links to affiliate products so that you get a commission when they buy!

And they will buy!

It may as well be YOU that gets the commission, or click money!

(continued – read more of this article…)

Photos from Affiliate Incubator Workshop

Boy, time really flies! It seems like just yesterday… Well, I wanted to post a few pictures from the Affiliate Incubator workshop from a few weeks back in Anaheim, CA with Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren plus guests.

Mike Liebner and Jim Morris

For more pics please continue >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

Super Affiliates in Anaheim California for Affiliate Incubator

Super Affiliates gather in Anaheim!

It’s Friday morning, October 19th 2007 and I am preparing to attend day 2 of Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren’s “Affiliate Incubator” conference in Anahemim, CA.

I’m only 14 miles away here in Newport Beach, so I can drive out each of the 3 days and listen to the top affilaites explain their strategies for making millions of dollars in affiliate sales.

Yesterday, day 1 was very good and I learned a ton of helpful information. I was hanging with Jim Morris of NicheBot and his crew. (continued – read more of this article…)

The Missing Link Free Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

Missing Link Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

I have a brand new free “words = Money” training video that shows you exactly where the money comes from!

This one is a real monster! I’m really proud of it and I know it can help you make more money! I had a lot of fun making it and feel it could really help a lot of people discover the breakthrough that will bring them success! At least I hope it does!

The free training video is 37 minutes long and is called “The Missing Link to Making Money Online”

I do hope you’ll watch the video – but – I’ll go ahead right now and tell you what the missing link is:

Getting people to take ACTION!

It sounds so simple, but as you’ll find out in the video, there are many ways you can make significantly MORE MONEY by taking the time to customize and match ads and affiliate products to the kind of people that are visiting your web pages and guide them towards taking action.

The way you can make much make money on your web pages is by using that targeted free search engine traffic and matching the offers perfectly to your article keywords. Instead of ignoring and ad or banner your visitors are prompted to take action!

That’s where the real money is! Getting people to take action!


Have you ever heard of the “marketing funnel”??? (continued – read more of this article…)

Spy Tactics Reveal Keywords and Products That Are Making People Rich

Spy Tactics Reveal Keywords and Products That Are Making People Rich


want to share with you my experience with purchasing a hot new product called AdSpyPro and explain how it has helped me find profitable keywords and more importantly find NEW Affiliate Products I can sell that are proven to make money!

AdSpyPro makes it so easy and simple to make money with and dominate any niche it’s insane! I bought it myself a few weeks ago and love it! AdSpyPro is a monster! It’s the perfect compliment for Article Underground members as it will help you find out exactly what keywords sell products and show you the affiliate programs so you can sign up for them! That’s very powerful and can help you make more money fast! More on that later!

If you are eager to see the software here is the special discount page for friends of Article Underground:


The page has 5 huge bonuses you will not find anywhere else! Also if you use the AU coupon code 25C96F710A it will only cost around $57.!!! >next 100 only< So, what’s so great about this software? Why is AdSpyPro causing such a stir?

Well… it’s a huge time saver and even though it’s much cheaper than other spying programs that cost more than $500. it does exactly what we need!

I hate wasting time and this inexpensive software program is one of those rare find lifesaver products that saves me time and gives me valuable information that I can analyze and use to make huge amounts of money! It’s so easy to use that you can do it too!

Simply plug-in a list of keywords, such as those from Article Underground, and let the software run for a few days. It will spy on the competition and tell you exactly what they’re doing!

Can you imagine how powerful it is to know what keywords sell which affiliate products???

Now, I realize there has been some controversy surrounding the ethics of spying on the competition, but let me assure you that the way I am using the software and the collected data is not in any way illegal or even immoral. The software itself is not illegal, black hat or immoral.

AdSpyPro is simply a tool that tells us what works for others advertising on Google Adwords. It shows us what works and almost as important what does not work! That kind of information is priceless!

It’s simply smart business to analyze and find out what the competition is doing that is already making them money and then take that data to the bank. We do it with keywords all the time!
Find what people search for and target those words! Find out what words people are advertising and target those words!


So, how do I use it???

Well, I have a lot planned but so far I installed the software
(easy) and then dropped in a list of keywords for one of my high traffic web sites. I’ve been running Adsense on it but have been looking to add a few products or offers so I can make more on affiliate commissions.

The next morning I looked at the reports AdSpyPro showed me and I found an advertiser who was constantly advertising for an affiliate program available at Commission Junction! Now I know exactly what product I can place on my site and prevent wasted time trying this and that trying to find what sells.

That’s just one example. I have since input even more keywords and I have since uncovered several niches that have affiliate products (from Clickbank and others) that are being regularly advertised.
This means those products and associated keywords are profitable.
Otherwise the advertisers would not be the top bidders and keep paying for those ads! (continued – read more of this article…)

Are you making enough with Adsense?

Are you making enough with Adsense?

Are you down on Google Adsense?

Are you looking to squeeze more profits from your high traffic web pages??? It’s easy when you match the pages with related affiliate products!

I’ve got some info that will help those looking to monetize their web sites with selling affiliate products.

I just recorded a new video about selling affiliate products in addition to, or instead of Adsense, plus a tip on an info product that can help you make more money writing articles.

The new Camtasia video covers selling affiliate products and showcases the Article Underground affiliate program.


A few people have asked me lately why I am DOWN on Google Adsense, and in reality I am not DOWN on it – but am looking for alternative methods to monetize my web sites.

Adsense is GREAT if you want a simple and easy way to monetize your web pages. It’s brainless and requires no thought. Just slap on the code and Google will pick the ads and pay you some money for the clicks. HOWEVER if you can spare a few extra minutes doing research and custom selecting affiliate products (or your own products) and putting them on your web pages that get the most traffic – you will be rewarded far greater than the dollars and cents you will get from Adsense clicks alone.

I’m not saying you should dump Adsense, but what I am saying is to go out there and try some other methods of monetizing your web sites. Create your own products, build your own opt-in lists of subscribers, join affiliate programs and promote good products that are targeted to the keywords your web pages are getting traffic for and your earnings will GO UP! (continued – read more of this article…)

X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative

Are you looking for an X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative? Huh… what is X-Ray???

OK, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week you’ve been told about X-Ray Domination – a $997. or $1,497. product that helps boost sales and conversions.

It tracks the keywords people click all the way through the affiliate programs sales page and will show which keywords convert into sales! Excellent keyword research for affiliate sales!

I’ve got a $127.00 alternative that will also track conversions! Read on!

X-Ray Domination Alternative


OK, so you’ve been bombarded with emails trying to sell you X-Ray Domination, the software/product from The Rich Jerk. Yes, I too got hit in the head with a rock or two and took the plunge and bought the $1,497. full use license.

Ouch! $1,497, is a whole lot of money!

Why did I buy it?

Well, for one I really liked their sales pitch and found the reasons compelling enough to invest in it, both for my own personal use and also to keep my subscribers and Article Underground members in the know. I’ll be writing about what it is and if it delivers over the next few months.

BUT in the meantime I have run across an X-Ray alternative that looks to be every bit as effective at performing “some” of what the X-Ray software claims to do at a fraction of the price. Can you believe Xtreme Conversions is just $127.???


I bought Xtreme Conversions too. I’ll be reporting more details after I install and test the software, but for now let me just say that while Xtreme Conversions may be cheaper – it is NOT a knock off or cheap imitation of X-Ray or any other product (as far as I can tell).

It doesn’t have all the hype, training and big promises of X-Ray but what the software does offer is a way to track where visitors are coming from – what keywords they searched for or clicked – AND
– this is the good part – it will tell you which keywords resulted in a SALE of the products on your pages. (continued – read more of this article…)

Is Adsense Dead?

Is Adsense Dead?

Every day I get a large amount of emails with questions about internet marketing. While reading email can be a distraction at times (especially sifting through all the spam), I do find it helpful to be connected with customers and prospective clientele, as opposed to keeping my email a secret and hiding behind a help desk.

I just got an email and while I was writing a response I decided to turn it into an article I could share with all of you here on my Internet Marketing Blog.

It’s interesting to see the impact of some of the negative web sites, special reports and “anti-gurus” messages that had been floating around saying that making money from Adsense was dead and in general passing around negative energy.

Usually that type of approach is intended to be a marketing ploy and often tries to sell some kind of product or service. It’s great at getting attention but as you’ll see it is also effective at wiping out the dreams of many “could be” internet success stories.

My advice in general… avoid any bad news type stories.. do not focus on gloom and doom. Try to see the good in things and focus on the possibilities of success – not failure.

OK, so I will stop the feel good talk to get back to the email I got today from Michael who basically wanted to know if he could still be a success at the internet marketing game. The answer of course is yes, but read on.

Here is Michael’s message:

“I’d like to ask you, from your vantage point – seeing the membership of Article Underground – what’s the situation with Adsense earnings? There were some very interesting numbers in a video on your sales page about how much Adsense could generate after 6 months. Is this still realistic? There was so much talk the past 6-7 months about Adsense earnings dropping sharply (reports like Death of Adsense, Life after Adsense). It seems to me now that some of this stuff was overdone. I’d be interested in AU if Adsense is viable. Both, becoming a member and promoting it as an affiliate. I’d appreciate your thoughts.”

The reply is for all of you reading this blog article, not just Michael…

Whether or not you become a member of the Article Undeground Content and Traffic System or not, I hope I can convey to all of you that there are still an almost infinite amount of opportunities for success for businesses focused on making money from internet marketing.

“What’s the situation with Adsense earnings?”

The situation with making money from Adsense earnings is almost exactly the same as it was 1 year ago, with many minor slight differences. While it may be EXTREMELY different than 2 or 3 years ago, when it was the wild west and almost anyone with shitty junk web sites could make crazy money, opportunities basically remain the same as a year ago. >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

Secrets of Passive Income from Affiliate Programs

How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures

The secret to hands off passive income is based on recurring sales like subscription products and can make you a lot over time with little effort. When you sell recurring billed products you can earn money in addition to just the original transaction increasing your return on effort. I’ll show you how!

While it may be lucrative to make money with Adsense and PPC, it can also be profitable to promote the right affiliate products. Why not make money from both Adsense or Yahoo PPC ads and selling affiliate products you get a commission on???

I’ll show you how it works.

Most every product that is marketed has an affiliate program. Some are great! Some really suck!

In my humble opinion, the success of any product is dependant on the quality of it’s affiliate program.

For anyone with a product or service to sell, an affiliate program is like having a staff of sales people who go out and sell your stuff. Only that you do not need to pay them UNLESS they sell something!

What a brilliant concept! Why hire sales people when you can sell your products online with the aid of affiliate marketers???

OK, so what happens when you do not have your own product to sell???

SIMPLE: join an affiliate program and sell someone else’s product!
You’ll get commission for each sale!

The best kinds of affiliate program product sales involve recurring commissions, which means once you make a sale you continue to earn commissions month after month without any further work. That’s passive income! It’s the same concept as a salesperson and their client list. When the client buys they will get credit – but only if they’re on the list. Same with recurring commission on an affiliate program.

I’ll show you how easily you can do this affiliate marketing thing yourself and show you based on my personal experience. Get ready though – I have some eye opening info!

Whether you have a product yourself, or want to sell products, you’ll find this info helpful.

I have an affiliate program for my product The Article Underground Content and Traffic System and I owe a huge amount of the credit for my success to the great affiliates who along with me have struck a “win-win” partnership!

Article Underground Affiliate Program Details


Allow me to share some data on how much money has been earned by Article Undeground Affiliates.

In 2006 since opening in Mid February I have paid Article Underground affiliates over $227,000 in commissions. And 2007 is going strong!

The top 5 Article Underground Affiliate Marketing Partners and what they earned in 2006. Net commissions I have paid to them.
(not including bonuses)

1. $38,768. affiliate since February 2006

2. $35,087. affiliate since March 2006

3. $21,453. affiliate since March 2006

4. $21,346. affiliate since June 2006

5. $19,701. affiliate since August 2006

The above amounts do NOT include bonuses and all of them are still earning recurring commissions in 2007.

While not every affiliate marketer will earn those kinds of numbers with every product they promote, if you pick the right products to promote you will be ahead of the pack of those who are promoting lame products that have no appeal. (continued – read more of this article…)