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Youtube Ads Are Cheap and HOT!

FB Ads are getting more expensive.

Youtube ads on the other hand are still at the sweet spot with a 2 to 4x return or greater on ad spend common!

I’m not sure if you saw my other email about Youtube Ads Formula, but just in case here is the link and the info on this unique opportunity to learn how to run ads for next to nothing yet reach super targeted buyer traffic!

> Youtube Ads Formula

Did you know that Youtube is the #2 search engine? They have so much traffic and a huge amount of unsold ad inventory!

Whether you are running ads on Youtube or not – this training, which is still $17., but will go up tonight (Sunday night) is worth every penny.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been using Youtube more and more to watch videos as time goes on, but haven’t run any ads on it.

What I didn’t know until recently, was that advertising with Youtube Ads is a huge mostly untapped opportunity right now where early adopters are making a killing running even the worst low budget ads. It’s like the Wild West when SEO and Pay Per Click first got started!

It’s early in the game and people who do it are winning – even if they’re not doing things perfectly.

Right now Youtube ads are still super cheap, just like the early days of Facebook and Google Ads.

Also TARGETING is as good or even better than Facebook!

It’s easier than just picking keywords or “interests” to target, which you can do, but the real power is that you can target specific Youtube channels and specific videos if you want to!

Want to promote a Clickbank product for losing weight – just pick a video that is about fitness or weight loss and steal their customers!

There are a lot of reasons this course is worth getting – I’ll let you decide for yourself. I grabbed it right away. I think you will too after you watch the video!

Youtube Ads Formula

Right now the training is just $17. for the full course (the price is going up tonight).

Youtube is hot. Ads are cheap. It’s a great time to get in on the action!

Best wishes for your online success!

(continued – read more of this article…)

Are You Using Animated Explainer Videos Yet?

Catch the Wave! Animated Explainer Videos Get Results!

Do you want to transform ordinary ads, websites, sales pages and videos into Monster Sales Machines???

You need catchy content that engages people.

Animated Explainer Videos Can Help You Do This!

> Get the Early Bird Offer for Animation Studio HERE!

Animation Studio is the All In One Explainer Video Animation Creator that makes it easy to create engaging content any time you need it!

People love Animated Explainer Videos!

Top marketers and content creators already know that featuring animation in their videos increases watch times, improves call-to-action rates and these videos are actually getting MORE popular over time!

Your customers and leads will respond to the high quality videos that you can make with Animation Studio!

Animated videos are a great way to stand out above the competition and Animation Studio makes creating professional quality animated explainer videos fast, fun and easy!

Does it sound like this might be expensive and complicated? It’s easy and fun! (continued – read more of this article…)

This is where a lot of marketers fail

Get ready to spend less time working on your offer and more time making sales!

If you are an online marketer that promotes products as an affiliate, or if you have your own products, it is critical that you can create compelling offers fast and easy when you need them so you can make more sales without wasting a lot of time or spending money hiring others.

> Check out iGloo

The key to more sales is having effective squeeze pages, landing pages and sales pages with a funnel and the kind of modern day features that drive sales.

Until now if you wanted cutting edge funnels and offer pages you’d have to shell out a lot of money for monthly services or pay a giant annual fee.

Fortunately there is an amazing new page builder that does everything you need for a low price with LIFE TIME ACCESS! It’s called iGloo.

Every online business needs a sales funnel in order to maximise profits from website traffic.

iGloo makes it easy!

I got it myself and think you’ll be impressed too! Plus when you buy from my link you will get my bonus of 3 months of Blogging Underground that normally goes for $67. per month ($201 value)

> Check out iGloo at my link

Just make sure you get it from my link so you get my bonus!

Simply send me your receipt after you buy and I will hook you up with a 3 month membership to Blogging Underground!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

(continued – read more of this article…)

What exactly is changing with Google Ads?

Why did Google change the way ads are shown?

I just thought I’d share a few observations about the changes Google recently made on how they are showing ads on their search results pages.

First off, it’s not uncommon for Google to make sudden changes. A few weeks ago Google search results on desktop no longer show text ads on the right side of search results.

While that alone may not be so bad, what is bugging a lot of people is that Google now shows as many as 4 text ads above the standard organic search results. They also may show ads at the bottom of the page.

It will absolutely affect advertisers who are bidding on keywords and live and die by the traffic they buy – but will it affect those of us who get the majority of our traffic from free organic search?

My gut feeling is it might not be a big deal or even better for getting organic free traffic.

It’s hard to say because there is a degree of “ad blindness” among many searchers who automatically skip past the ads (count me as one of those).

A lot of people though will click the first thing they see that gives them what they want – so now there are more chances they will click an ad instead of an organic search result.

Google will still be showing their “knowledge panels” on the right on some search queries, but in general the total number of ads they show will be dropping from 11 to a max possible of 7.

Should this change in the way they display ads be of great concern?

Too early to tell, but in general for most of us search engine traffic marketers I would say no – not so much. We get the majority of our free traffic from search queries that are longer and less competitive, so there is a good chance many of the pages we rank high on will not be changed much if at all.

Still there could be some noticeable changes on bigger traffic keywords where there is heavy competition for both ads and top rankings.

More information at this article.

Hope that helps clear up things a little!
(continued – read more of this article…)

Press Release Submissions – Lots of Free Traffic!

FACT: Google loves Press Releases when done correctly!

MASSIVE LINK JUICE TIP: The fact is that submitting press releases for distribution that get accepted into Google News and also get published on the biggest news sites can really send a huge wave of traffic and if done right can even send a website massive link juice! I mean simply MASSIVE!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and if you’ve been following me in the past you’ve most likely heard me praise the use of press releases for getting more traffic and top rankings for free. I love what happens when you get it all right and a press release explodes bringing in massive free traffic!

Premium Press Release Distribution Special ***by the way – don’t miss my 90 DAY FREE BU BONUS OFFER at the bottom of this post!

There are lots of ways to submit press releases for distribution, some spammy, some not, and all work well with varying degrees of success however the ones that get into Google News are priceless!

Sure, free submissions through software are OK and better than nothing – but premium submissions submitted far and wide to the biggest reputable news sites that Google loves can really deliver game changing results if done correctly.

The problem is that it can be very expensive to get the best distribution for a press release and milk everything you can out of it.

Submissions of press releases to premium services like PRWeb and a small handful of others usually work like magic with amazing results, but at $100. to $400. per press release (yes that’s what they charge for one press release), it can be risky and intimidating for businesses and webmasters to take a chance on one submission at those high prices.

All this has changed with a new Premium Press Release Service that makes it super affordable to submit NOT one or two press releases for premium distribution, but allows 30 or even more press releases to be distributed each month and get premium distribution for less than one submission at those other places!

Premium Press Release Distribution Special

There is no excuse! Now we can submit press releases and get that big bang over and over again and not have to worry about breaking the bank! That means we can send press releases for any little reason we have! A sale – a new product – a new freebie – any reason that could be news worthy can be sent out as a press release and end up on Google News!

OH – and if you do end up getting a membership through my affiliate link and I get credit for referring you – I will give you a bonus of a 90 Day Blogging Underground Full Membership valued at $99.! That totally makes this a no brainer!

Get premium press release distribution and a FREE 90 DAY BU membership so you can post articles and get links in the over 200 blogs in our network at Blogging Underground!

Don’t let this one pass you by – go look and see how easy it is to get the kind of traffic you always dreamed of and hurry so you also get your BU BONUS!

> Premium Press Release Distribution Special

Send me a support ticket with your purchase info to claim your bonus at:

> SUPPORT DESK (continued – read more of this article…)

Holiday Themed Sales

While I am not doing a clever themed sale for Memorial Day proper, I would like to remind you about a special offer with an internet coupon I had created for New Years a few months back that is now open and will save you 100 bucks off an annual membership for Blogging Underground!

> You’ll find the $100. savings coupon on this blog post at the BU Blog.

I am generally not a big fan of cutesy holiday type sales.

My marketing and advertising background in radio is responsible for how I feel about lazy “me too” promotional campaigns that a lot of businesses do even though they may not have anything new or exciting other than a fancy graphic for the occasion or maybe a big blowup balloon in front of their store.

Saving money is fine – but getting all corny like that can be insulting to the consumers out there if too hyped up.

What I mean is I am not entirely comfortable with just doing a sale for a holiday because everyone else is.

Maybe that’s ok for a store that runs newspaper ads and is trying to drum up foot traffic, or a business that will actually see increased demand for products on a holiday like Memorial day Weekend. For most internet businesses like my own, it is the complete opposite – there is LESS demand for digital products and those items related to web traffic, advertising, sales and internet marketing because of the fact that most people are spending more time outside in the sun (if lucky) and not at home in front of a computer working.

Sure – people have smartphones and may spend time looking up web pages about web traffic and such while lounging poolside – but they aren’t exactly in what I would call a buying mode. In fact they most likely are not even in a thinking mode!

That’s OK! I’ve been taking some time off the past few days myself to get out there and have fun! I also just got a new Apple iPhone 5 and am getting familiar with what it can do. I’m really digging all the cool little apps that can make waiting at the movie theater a lot more fun! While I don’t plan on tweeting about everything I do and go see or eat, I do like the fact I can get on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram any time I want and post what’s on my mind!

So – I hope you gt a chance to get out and have some fun over the holiday weekend and if you’re considering getting a subscription to Blogging Underground that you consider the big money saving offer! (continued – read more of this article…)

Clickbank Banned Countries List

Clickbank Banned Countries List

OK, I finally found it… I was given this list by Clickbank as countries that they would NOT accept payments from.

In other words – this is a list of countries you do not want to buy advertising for because customers in these countries will NOT be able to purchase a product through Clickbank.

This CB banned country list is current as far as I am aware, but there MIGHT be new countries added and possibly a few of these are no onger “banned” from buying Clickbank products.

Ask your Clickbank rep for an OFFICIAL list of countries you can’t sell products in if you want a current accurate list.

Here is the list of countries banned from buying from Clickbank: (continued – read more of this article…)

Free PPC Toolbar!

Here’s a PPC freebie that you MUST grab!

Wow! This is so cool! PPC Bully has a totally free toolbar you can download right away!

> Get it HERE
There is no upsell or any pushy upgrade offers, just a great PPC tool to find offers from leading networks, rsearch trends, keywords, ads and demographics, PLUS grab content for your site in just 3 clicks!

Head over and watch the video and if you like what you see go register to get the 100% free PPC toolbar! (continued – read more of this article…)

Dump Google and Go for Yahoo!

I have some news about an exciting new product you should be aware of. 

 It’s just what I have been looking for, and I think you’ll get into it too! It’s very fresh and different and can help us get away from Google – at least a little!

It’s worth looking at because these guys discovered a Yahoo PPC formula and raked in $463,590.22 in ONLY 58 Days!!!

I don’t know about you, but that kind of proof is hard to ignore!

If you want to buy some high quality PPC traffic that converts visitors into sales and get it super cheap – read on – you’ll love Yahoo Cash for Idiots! Or, if you’re too anxious to wait, jump to videos with proof at this URL:

http://www.articleunderground.com/yahoocash (continued – read more of this article…)

Radio and Online Advertising – Two Hearts Beat as One!

Radio Advertising and Online Advertising

Both have a lot in common… you might even say… two hearts beat as one… that’s an old song… in fact the song is trapped on vinyl in my garage… ah… but the mind never forgets!

So… about advertising…

OK… let’s get into some advertisng talk as I unravel my past history and tell about how it all started.

Radio advertising is the basis of my deep knowledge of internet marketing, online advertising and other broadcast and internet media. (continued – read more of this article…)

The Missing Link Free Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

Missing Link Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

I have a brand new free “words = Money” training video that shows you exactly where the money comes from!

This one is a real monster! I’m really proud of it and I know it can help you make more money! I had a lot of fun making it and feel it could really help a lot of people discover the breakthrough that will bring them success! At least I hope it does!

The free training video is 37 minutes long and is called “The Missing Link to Making Money Online”

I do hope you’ll watch the video – but – I’ll go ahead right now and tell you what the missing link is:

Getting people to take ACTION!

It sounds so simple, but as you’ll find out in the video, there are many ways you can make significantly MORE MONEY by taking the time to customize and match ads and affiliate products to the kind of people that are visiting your web pages and guide them towards taking action.

The way you can make much make money on your web pages is by using that targeted free search engine traffic and matching the offers perfectly to your article keywords. Instead of ignoring and ad or banner your visitors are prompted to take action!

That’s where the real money is! Getting people to take action!


Have you ever heard of the “marketing funnel”??? (continued – read more of this article…)

Free Hosted Blogs – Get one for yourself!

I just wrote an article at my new blog network site on how you can snag your own free hosted blog and use it to advertise your web sites for free!

The blog I suggest you sign up for has a front page with a PageRank 6. Not bad!

My article How To Get Free Links has all the dirty details!

The free site I just snagged for myself will be used to promote my podcasts!

The Podcaster (continued – read more of this article…)

Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool Bites the Big One

Yes, it’s true.

You’ve most likely heard the buzz about a legendary keyword tool and it’s demise… yes it’s true… the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is now toast.


That URL is currently not in service and most likely will not return any time soon, at least not in it’s recent form.

But there is no need to panic! Sure it was a great reliable free way to do keyword research, but this is a great time to tell you that there is a much better alternative and while it is not free it is really cheap… NO – I am not referring to Wordtracker…

>>> link >>> NicheBot V2

I am referring to the mighty NicheBot v2 with it’s excellent WordTrend suite of keyword tools.

If you have $1. handy you can preview this killer suite of keyword research tools and see what you’ve been missing.

NicheBot v2 is the bomb! (continued – read more of this article…)

High Quality Article Announcements Blogs for you to post in

24 (up to over 100 now!) Article Announcements Blogs and Growing – get backlinks fast and easy!

Article Underground’s High Quality blogs are our secret weapon. They can be your secret weapon too!

Join Article Underground now and you can instantly get access to post your links in our blogs!


It’s time to brag a little and let you know how good Article Underground Content and Traffic System members have it!

We currently have over 100 blogs for AU members to post in:

AU members can get high quality backlinks whenever they need them. Instantly. It’s as simple as posting to a blog! No extra cost – no waiting – instant gratification!

Simply include an excerpt or description of your article page in your blog post and link to your web page URL with the keywords of your choice! Match LINK TEXT with the blog post TITLE tag and our secret weapon will turn into a grand slam home run!

And you thought Article Underground was just another PLR article site??? It’s far more than that!

An Article Underground membership delivers more than simply great keyword optimized article content for your web sites. AU members are getting some of the best backlinks available to their web sites and deep inside pages! And it could not be easier! (continued – read more of this article…)

Have you signed up for my newsletter?

Just in case you haven’t signed up yet for the newsletter and 2 FREE PDF Special Reports – 1. Words = Money 2. Ban Proof Your Web Sites – I thought I’d entice you by reminding you of all the free videos you’ll be seeing…

Free videos??? Yes! As an Article Marketing Newsletter subcriber I will regularly send you links to special videos I have recorded in addition to the huge 3 hour plus libray of multimedia included with “words = Money”!

Here is a video I just notified subscribers of on Sunday. It’s pretty cool!

New exclusive video on “Your First 5 Sites”By popular demand I have created a new 30 minute video showing my suggestions for how to start your future as a web publisher! I’ve often been asked “how many domains” “what host do I use” and “which HTML editor is best” so I broke down and decided to do a comprehensive beginners video where I walk you through getting started with 5 domains.* how to quickly brainstorm and select the best domain names

* how to get hosting quick and easy

* how to set up your first pages and get them indexed fast by Google!

While the video is specially made for beginners, even the pros out there may discover a secret nugget or two as I reveal my personal strategies and methods.

“Your First 5 Sites” is available at the “Words = Money” Multimedia Library page:


It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:Article Marketing News

Keep your eye on the prize!

Since I launched Article Underground back in February 2006 I have been getting a ton of emails from people who either downloaded the special report and have watched the videos, or simply people who have read the AU sales page or used the free content. Up until now I have answered each email personally, often with detailed responses.

Many of the emails are very complimentary and some are even “fan mail like”. That’s cool! Also most all of the emails indicate they are in agreement with my advice and suggestions, but every once in a while I will get an email that is more like a CHALLENGE to DUEL (gunfight) that says something like “you make a lot of sense BUT convince me why X and Y is _____.”

The other day I took one of these CHALLENGES and wrote up a little email which made me realize that there are so many products out there that do NOT deliver and so many guru people are just out to make a quick buck that there are a lot of people who despite being in agreement and being “sold” still need a personal invitation or acknowledgement.

In this particlular email the person was explaining how he was buying this program and that but thought he might need x and y and if I could tell him what else he needed before he signed up for Article Underground…

It made me realize how many people out there are information overload and have already bought solutions and still buying more products and info courses but at the risk of only fragmenting their efforts even more.

I took a somewhat stern approach and fortunately this guy got it and responded positively with many thanks…

Here is the response to his email. I thought it is worth sharing with you all.

“I realize that you do not know me and trust me yet. But you need to buy 1 product and stick with it. Too many things will distract you and stop you from focusing.

What I offer is a simple one stop solution that has everything you need to get started and maybe even for a long time.
Every extra thing you buy will steal time away from the simple process of putting words on web pages and getting links to them. Thats what makes $$$ (continued – read more of this article…)

Big List Builder – Cooperative List Building Effort

With the creation of Article Underground in February 2006 I came to the realization that building a customer and subscriber list is one of the most important elements to creating a successful web publishing empire!

I am now very fortuante to have a great customer list including members and opt-in subscribers for my free special report and newsletter “Ban Proofing Your Web Sites (and make long term money with article marketing)”.

Now that I have a wonderful and responsive list thanks to the forward thinking JV partners that have helped me achieve success, I would like to give back and help my friends, partners and new associates gain new subscribers. 

I’ve just created a new site – Big List Builder – and list building project with a ring of 4 supporting sites that will focus on bringing together internet marketers with sizable customer/subscriber lists whom desire to share some of their “leads” in exchange for an opportunity to gain new “leads” from the cooperative efforts in a list building project.

Boy, that’s a mouthful.

It’s really quite simple.

6 to 10 marketers partner in a “coop-offer” to give away a big batch of valuable products and prizes and in return get to share in the opt-in subscribers that take advantage of this offer!

The basic premise is outlined at the “project site” which is called Big List Builder. 4 satellite sites will present varying offers with different groups of partners.

If you would like to gain more subscribers and have some that you’d be willing to share, please visit the site and look over the presentation!

 More info at Big List Builder

The best place to start is at the beginning!

Getting Started Can Be A Bitch – BUT just do it!

This originated from the forum in the members section of Article Underground. While it was written to inspire members, it may serve to inspire you! Maybe even tip you over the edge and get you to invest in a membership to Article Underground!

I often get emails asking me for specific answers to exact questions and they often come from a beginner, aka someone who hasn’t gotten started yet. They haven’t gotten started yet because they are so caught up and overwhelmed by all the possibilities. 

I like to let people know there isn’t JUST one way to do this internet thing, but many MILLIONS of ways to do it.

Don’t let the MILLIONS overwhelm you – you only need 1 way out of the many millions of ways – just ONE WAY – and I have shown you the simple things you need to do (have you watched all the Article Underground videos, especially the getting started with articles video?).

*** Free Videos available with the 19 Page PDF Special Report *** 

All the other stuff is just academic discussion. Worry about the details once you have done your baby steps.

Now the biggest baby step you need to do is get a web page up and indexed by Google. Not the perfect web page – any web page! JUST DO IT! NOW!

If you are a beginner then you should focus on the basics. As you go you’ll apply the other tricks, but I have news for you – THE BASICS STILL WORK!

It’s like the first time you use a new digital camera. Your baby is taking her first steps… Do you read every page of the manual before you try to take a picture??? Or do you turn the camera on and start taking pictures using the automatic settings??? The first few times you use the camera you don’t expect great pictures. You just want the pictures before that moment in time disappears. YOU would be happy to settle for less than perfect pictures just so you could remember that special moment… But often you will STILL get some good pics and they get better – right???

Same with internet marketing.. start off with basics and try new things as you go. You’ll get better at it. But don’t lose that moment in time trying to read the whole manual and getting it perfect from your first step. You could be making money sooner if you start doing it now!

You don’t have to start off PERFECTLY or JUST RIGHT or EXACTLY the best way. In fact, you’ll make more money if you start off and it is SHITTY and wrong because you can still make money putting out crap.

I am in no way suggesting you put out crap but what I am suggesting is that you can make a lot of money during all the time you would have been planning and formulating EXACTLY how you are going to start.

You don’t make money PLANNING – you make money DOING!

Do you wanna be a PLANNER or a DOER?

Get the momentum going as fast as you can – you’ll have lots of time to plan but you need to get that important stuff done – sooner than later.

If I would have waited till everything was perfect before starting Article Underground – it still would be in development, At some point you just have to start doing! Even if you aren’t certain everything is perfect!

YOU WILL NOT get one single click IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A WEB PAGE UP AND INDEXDED. That should be your number 1 priority. Think about putting stuff on the pages after that.

You gotta get past that first hurdle. Put up a site. Put something on the home page. Get it indexed by Google. (continued – read more of this article…)

Article Marketing Newsletter

Are you interested in making money online? 

If you haven’t already subscribed to my Article Marketing Newsletter I invite you sign up as it’s free! You’ll also get my 20 page PDF called “Ban Proofing Your Web Sites (and making long term money with articles)” which contains over 60 minutes of video.

About every 10 days or so I will be mailing out to subscribers info on new products, recent news and trends as it effects article and internet marketing plus special subscriber only videos!

Are you intersted in making money online?

It’s simple:

Get on the list! It’s the one that really matters!

Sign up for the Article Marketing Newsletter

Internet Marketing and Article Resources:

Build Pages Get Links Make Money – video about how putting words on your pages (with articles) will get you more traffic and make you more money!

WordPress Theme Tweaks

WordPress Theme Tweaks for Internet Marketing

As I learn more about using wordpress blogs I have been spending more time on tweaks to the themes. As far as SEO and Internet Marketing are concerned, most blog themes need some adjustments to make them search engine friendly. It’s not always fun but I must say I now have some bitchin’ modified themes to use whenever I set up a new WordPress blog for Internet Marketing purposes.

Usually I just upload the blog, try a few of the many availble themes and then I start tweaking away! Usually I figure things out by trial and error but I am sure there has to be a better way… but in the end it works and I have some nice blogs to show for it!

I just modified a free theme Wuhan and put my own little touches on it.

If you are really fond of it and wanna use it on one of your sites, simply drop me a line and ask for the Topica WordPress theme & I’ll send the theme to ya in a zip. Since I didn’t code it from the ground up I am not sure about whether I can freely distribute it, but hey, if my friends ask for it – what am I supposted to do??

I nabbed a great little feature and dropped it on the sidebar and that’s the “latest posts” command which I rarely see included in a theme, yet it is such an obvious choice, especially if you want a little SEO power in your blogs as it will show the latest 10 posts on each page of your site, instead of how the stock themes just show them on the front page. That means each category page (usally higher PageRank) and each individual pots page will now send a little love to the newest posts on your blog! Pretty cool, eeh?

Of course I also dumped the Blogroll thang and replaced it with my own “on the net” links which you can add by tweaking the sidebar.php file. Simply replace one of my links (or keep them there and add you own). (continued – read more of this article…)