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Most Expensive Zip Codes and Real Estate 2006

Newport Beach in the Most Expensive ZIP Codes 2006 – California dominates.

Forbes has long been recognized for it’s lists… this one is about the highest median priced homes by zip code.

Real Estate values have gone sky high expensive in some places. I was recently told by a neighbor here in Newport Beach that we had the most expensive real estate per square foot in the USA… Being the curious type I decided to snoop around and see if that claim was true.

While I have not yet found info with COST PER SQUARE FOOT I did find Newport Beach, California and it’s 2 zip codes to be in the top ten (#3 and #9) Believe it or not Beverly Hills did not even make the top 10, coming in at #22.

So what does all this mean? Well, if you live in one of those places it confirms why we love where we live and points out the demand is high and others too feel that way.

If you don’t live in one of those top zip codes, well, I suspect you may be thinking how crazy we are to live somewhere that expensive. But hey, it’s all about supply and demand and it’s clear that 2 states dominate.

California has 13 top zip codes

New York has 8 zip codes

New Jersey has 2

Nevada 1 

Florida 1

Full article is at: Forbes.com

Rank  ZIP Code  Location  County  State  2005 Median Sale Price ($) 
1  11962  Sagaponack  Suffolk  NY  2,787,500 
2  92067  Rancho Santa Fe  San Diego  CA  2,445,000 
3  92662  Newport Beach  Orange  CA  2,397,500 
4  94528  Diablo  Contra Costa  CA  2,266,000 
5  94957  Ross  Marin  CA  2,247,500 
6  11976  Water Mill  Suffolk  NY  2,150,000 
7  93108  Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara  CA  2,050,000 
8  90402  Santa Monica  Los Angeles  CA  2,005,000 
9  92661  Newport Beach  Orange  CA  1,996,500 
10  33109  Miami Beach  Miami-Dade  FL  1,942,500 

11  11765  Mill Neck  Nassau  NY  1,900,000 
12  10013  New York  New York  NY  1,875,000 
13  10577  Purchase  Westchester  NY  1,850,000 
14  92657  Newport Coast  Orange  CA  1,806,250 
15  07620  Alpine  Bergen  NJ  1,790,000 

16  11568  Old Westbury  Nassau  NY  1,785,000 
17  94027  Atherton  San Mateo  CA  1,738,000 
18  94920  Belvedere Tiburon  Marin  CA  1,680,000 
19  10007  New York  New York  NY  1,675,000 
20  89413  Glenbrook  Douglas  NV  1,610,000 
21  94028  Portola Valley  San Mateo  CA  1,600,000 
22  90210  Beverly Hills  Los Angeles  CA  1,597,500 
23  07976  New Vernon  Morris  NJ  1,596,587 
24  92625  Corona del Mar  Orange  CA  1,593,250 
25  11932  Bridgehampton  Suffolk  NY  1,568,750

Data source: forbes.com – list of their lists at:


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  2. Interesting that the areas on the penninsula in the Bay Area of California like Hillsboro were not on the list.

    Comment by Bob — March 2, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

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