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Mike and Milo

Is CLICK JACKER 3 a good product? Yes!

"If you have a Wordpress blog you can easily monetize your outbound links by using Click Jacker so that the pages people see ALSO show a POP UP before and/or after and you make money when people take action! It's the easiest way to make money from sending people OFF your site!

I really like Click Jacker - I've actually had it for a while and it has been updated several times with even more features added! It's more useful than ever. And when you buy it with my bonus of 1 month of Blogging Underground, well - you just can't lose because the bonus is worth $67!

I hope you can watch their videos and if it connects with you, that you invest in it. I did and I am happy I made the investment! If you get it from my link - make sure you send me a support ticket with your purchase info and I will send you the bonus!" - Mike Liebner

Click Jacker 3 Product Details:

I rarely ever promote WordPress plugins that cost money – but this one is so amazing and can do so many cool things I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

I know Click Jacker sounds like a sneaky underhanded scheme to hijack clicks (it doesn’t) – but trust me – when you see what this plugin allows you to do, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a revolutionary way to monetize links that leave our sites and it is NOT something to be ashamed of! In fact doing this is just plain smart!

What does it do? It allows you to wrap an outgoing link from your site into your own browser window and URL (on your site) and then show an ad on top of the page you send them to.

Here is an example: Watch Modern Family for Free Online
Notice how I am sending you to the official ABC TV web site and how MY ad shows on TOP of their page!

If you want to make money by sending people from your Wordpress blog to other high value pages and have YOUR ads POP UP on the page - this plugin is for you!

Imagine sending the visitors on your site who came to see an article about a HEALTH ISSUE (for example - could be anything) and then you send them to a link to an article on WEB MD or perhaps a well known .gov site and when they visit that page a POP UP AD appears over it and promotes YOUR PRODUCT, A CPA or AFFILIATE OFFER, or SHOWS an OPT IN FORM for joining your newsletter - or it can show anything you want to promote!

Your AD appears on TOP of a respected site and the result is more people are comfortable CLICKING!

That's INSTANT CREDIBILITY from your ad being seen on top of the sites you link out to!

Why DIRECT LINK to an article on the New York Times site when you can create your own URL using Click Jacker and show your ad on top??? It's a great way new way to monetize outgoing links!

That is just 1 way to use this amazing plugin. Watch the Click Jacker videos to see all the possibile uses to make extra money from traffic you would normally lose!

This Wordpress Plugin is worth every penny at $24.95 + you get my bonus*

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