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New! Just added! 9/17/14

WP Profit Builder - Landing Page Creation Plugin for Wordpress


This cool Wordpress plugin makes it easy to create optin pages, squeeze pages, landing pages and all kinds of marketing pages! It's really good with ahuge variety of pro templates to help you get started!

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Learn more about WP Profit Builder - watch the videos to see what you get!

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Press Release Package with Blogging Underground FREE!

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Click Jacker 3

If you want to make money by sending people from your Wordpress blog to other high value pages and have YOUR ads POP UP on the page - this plugin is for you!

Imagine sending the visitors on your site who came to see an article about a HEALTH ISSUE (for example - could be anything) and then you send them to an article on WEB MD or a respected .gov site and when they visit that page your POP UP AD appears over it and promotes YOUR PRODUCT or anything you want to promote (build a mailing list!)!

That's INSTANT CREDIBILITY from your ad being seen on top of the respected sites you link out to when you use CLICK JACKER 3!

That is just 1 way to use this amazing plugin. Watch their videos to see all the possibile uses to make extra money from utbound traffic you would normally not make money from! With Click Jacker you can monetize all your outgoing links!

This Wordpress Plugin is worth every penny at $24.95!!!

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1 Cent FB Clicks

Video training course that shows you step by step how to run highly targeted campaigns on Facebook Ads at unbelieveable low per click rates!

This training is very good and shows you how to run affiliate offers, cpa or sell things and get targeted clicks that convert exceptionally good that you pay just 1 or 2 cents for! Best of all you can spend as little as $5. to test out the traffic!

This course is worth every penny at $47.

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