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Change Happens – Tumblr Edition

Change isn’t always good… sometimes it’s bad.

Hey, if you’re like me then you tend to get used to doing things a certain way, and when someone forces changes on you, it can be hard to accept and embrace those changes.

Well, this time in the change happens series we find Tumblr.com has made significant changes to their dashboard that dramatically impacts HOW you post and reblog and do things in Tumblr.

It’s not a simple change but rather a drastic one that forces new windows to open with a completely different layout. You have to click things and take extra steps to get things done that were previously simple and elegant.

That’s what made Tumblr so great. It was so simple and easy to reblog and post things.

Now it is harder.

Sure variety is good and yes even change can be good – but in the case of a good thing – I have learned do not mess with it!


if it aint broke don’t fix it!

Tumblr has messed with a good thing and it’s not just me as a lot of people are pissed off and complaining.

I found a thread on tumblr about the changes and just look at how many people are super mad about having to do things differently.

Maybe 1 in 20 will say something like it’s not that bad but most people are really annoyed.

How can a company with such a large loyal user base just force an interface on them that makes them spend time learning how and do things differently?

I don’t get it – but it is clear after a week a so we haven’t seen them roll it back or make any changes so it looks like we are stuck with the new tumblr dashboard and forced to work the way they want us to.

> Article at Techcrunch on the Tumblr changes that tries to explain WHY – note all the angry comments below it. People are not happy.

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