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Best Ways To Monetize a Website

Very often I get asked “what is the best way to monetize a web site?”

The reasoning behind the proper monetization of a website deserves a lot more attention than an article – but I’ll try my best to explain the theory here and offer suggestions on the best ways to make money online monetizing your websites.

There isn’t just one way of monetization that is right for every site.

In fact – part of the reason the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy works so well is that we spend a good deal of time up front researching the exact keywords our web sites are going to target to bring in traffic.

That’s why we call Blogging Underground a Targeted Traffic System.

We can then find keywords that have the best opportunities and match our monetization to the web site we build and the keywords we target in our articles.

If you’re smart you will target high volume big click exact match keywords that you know how to profit from BEFORE you even buy your domain name.

Already have a site up and running that needs help making more money?

Well – first off it helps to have a site that is laser targeted on one topic. The more laser targeted the better job you can do of matching content to the things you monetize your site with.

Obviously a “work at home” or “make money online” web site is going to do better with related products and will do less well with mainstream or general products.

Don’t try to sell a weight loss ebook on a make money blog.

It will not convert as well as a book on making money online.

So what are some good ways to make money with your web site?

Create your own product. An ebook or digital product perhaps.

The best way to make money from your site is to analyze the traffic you are getting from keywords (or expect to be getting) and build pages for that specific traffic – each promoting your product in a very specific way BUT in relation to what’s on the page.

Try to match the way the product you are promoting relates to the words on the page.

Tailor your banners or product features to satisfy what is covered on the page.

The same banner on every page will NOT do as well as when they are customized to match the content. 

Your CONVERSIONS will go up and you’ll make more money.

If it’s FREE TRAFFIC you’re getting be sure to analyze your search engine referrer stats to see what keywords are bringing people to your pages.

EACH URL on your site will have referrers for different keywords bringing in the targeted traffic from Google search.

Targeted traffic converts better. Know your targets!

Identify the keywords and see if you are properly matching your product pitch to give the people exactly what they came for.

Just like when you buy Adwords advertising and you pay for clicks from keyword searches on Google – you want to be able to maximize CONVERSIONS and give people what they are looking for.

 They were looking for something when they decided to click and come to your site.

Give them what they want. You’ll convert more of your traffic and make more money!

Increasing conversions will help you make more money.

If they came for make money online – then have something related to that and your conversion rate will go up.

You’ll make more money with the SAME AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC if you boost your conversions.

Having lots of traffic is nice – but having lots of targeted traffic is better.


That’s why you can sometimes MAKE MORE MONEY with a site that gets LESS TRAFFIC!

What are the best ways to monetize your site and traffic?

So what do you promote that will get the highest conversions from your web page?

The best way to make more money with your website is to have your own product. You can then use the traffic that you are getting to promote it and when you make sales you keep 100% of what you make (less fees of course).

Having your own product is the best way to make money online.

When you have you own product you can also have OTHER people promote it for you. These people are known as affiliates.

If an affiliate promotes your product for you – they get a commission when a sale is made.

That’s the absolute BEST way to make money online.

Your own product.

Next best way – get something you can make your own – with Private Label Rights (PLR).

If you don’t have your own product yet – there are actually products available that you can buy resell rights for and you can sell and fulfil the orders and keep all the money you collect when people buy it.

Digital ebooks and software are perfect for this. Buy the resell rights and promote yourself and keep all the money.

Of course it’d be better to create your own product – but if you buy resell rights you can be up and running faster with something than having to spend time making your own.

If they’re coming for make money – then give them what they want – ideally with your own product custom tailored to what the people are looking for.

I personally have a lot of web sites in internet marketing and web traffic – so my own products like Article Underground and Blogging Underground do very well when I promote them on matching themed sites.

> Promote Blogging Underground as an Affiliate

Build a list! Get an autoresponder account!

When you create your own newsletter with an autoresponder you can get people to optin and subscribe and build a list.

Even when you don’t make money from the initial traffic that visits your site – you may be able to get them to subscribe by giving them something of value for free.

Then you can send them emails and maybe they’ll buy from you down the road… if they stay on your list (don’t send them garbage!)

You will need an autoresponder such as from Aweber which is what I use to manage my newsletters and opt ins.

> Email Marketing Strategies

Monetizing a site with your own product or a product you won resell rights to is the best way to make money with your web traffic.

The next best way is to promote a product as an AFFILIATE that you personally use or believe in.


You can promote the product you have experience with by explaining what you like about it.

I will do this for stuff I believe in such as blog tools, plugins and software that the targeted traffic would benefit from having.

Adding a personal touch to this will INCREASE CONVERSIONS.

Place Banner Ads for Products as An Affiliate

Next on the list of best ways to monetize your website would be simply placing text ads, featured ad blocks or banners for products that are related to the stuff on the web page.

Each page should have the perfect matching product so that people who visit see something related to what they came for.

Targeted traffic brings people who want something very specific. Give it to them before they go look for it somewhere else.

Rotate Banners site wide or on pages – lazy way – kind of like Adsense almost except the ads can be more targetd if you know what people want.

Last but not least of the things you can do to monetize your website would be rotating or placing fixed banners where you advertise the same thing across the site.

Rotating banners is not as good as matching the perfect banner and personalizing the promoted product to the targeted traffic a page gets.

Without proper personalization the ads might be off target for the specific targeted traffic you get – conversions will be less.

Looking for products to promote as an affiliate?

Clickbank has lots of great products you can promote as an affiliate.

Commission Junction is also pretty good because they have a huge variety of advertisers – some of which you’ll need approval for – but lots of stuff that will be good for your targeted traffic.

Amazon and eBay are options as affiliates – but to be honest they pay such a small percentage of commission the only way to make them pay out big is to sell high ticket items ($1,000. or higher) or have massive sales volume (100’s of sales each day).

If you’re looking to fill space you can use their widgets and feeds to put content on your pages – but the conversions will be very low in most cases – so don’t plan on getting rich from Amazon or eBay unless you have a huge amount of traffic.

IMPORTANT: As a general rule you will make MORE MONEY if the payouts are LARGE. Me personally I don’t like to promote anything that makes less than $35. bucks for each sale/conversion.

Ideally I prefer a payout of $100. or more. Those are the things that I really get behind and do my best to promote because the rewards can be significant!

ALSO – consider that products that pay a RECURRING COMMISSION such as BLOGGING UNDERGROUND are the best products to promote because you make the sale ONCE and you keep getting paid!

Stay away from promoting products and services that payout less than 50% or very little per sale.

You have to work so much harder to make more money with small payouts – that’s why big ticket items of $200. or more that pay at least 50% commission are the kinds of things you should try to promote – or ideally have your own product that earns you big payouts per sale.

CPA Networks are also great for monetizing a website because they have lots of unique offers and gifts you can promote and get paid – many payouts for when the user opts in or fills out a form etc.

The problem with CPA NETWORKS is their offers change a lot – so be prepared to remove expired offers or you’ll be sending your traffic to dead offers that will not earn you money.

For this reason I have stopped spending time on CPA offers. Too much hassle.

Promoting my own products or products and offers I know will be around – I have confidence that when I take the time to match the ad to the targeted traffic I won’t need to spend time doing it again down the road.

Are you lazy and just want to make money without spending too much time optimizing each page for the perfect converting product???

Then Google ADSENSE is for you!

Adsense is great if you have a topic specific site that has big money keywords with a high AVG CPC.

It also helps when people spend time on your site and don’t immediately leave.

The key to making more money with Adsense is having a site with lots of pages with related keywords to the ones that are the most profitable and bringing you traffic.

If you try to work in the keywords that have the highest AVG CPC on to pages on your site – your Adsense earnings will go up rather than if you blindly write articles or have pages loaded with low value low bid keywords.

Take the time to add good content focused on the keywords with higher BIDS and you’ll make more money with Adsense.

I hope that helps!

If you want more info on monetizing your web sites I suggest you also check out my old but gold video The Missing Link – Where does the money come from.

Also watch the Blogging Underground video on keyword research

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  1. Mike I have to agree with you about your own products being the best way to monetize a site.
    I have resisted this for years, but have finally decided to take the plunge and create a product. It will probably take a long time, but I’ll just do a bit every day.


    Comment by Wendy Owen — March 13, 2012 @ 5:16 pm

  2. Thanks for this information. I have been using some that now seem irrelevant and a waste of my time.

    I will use the information and have better strategies for my blog

    Comment by fionakoga — March 13, 2012 @ 11:27 pm

  3. Hi Mike
    That’s great info on how to monetize your website.
    So many sites have far too many banners and flashing gizmos that distract from any real content. Banners in moderation still work (text or immages)providing they are relevant to the content on the page.
    German Shepherd Dogs-Don’t You Just Love Them!

    Comment by Graham in UK — March 15, 2012 @ 6:21 am

  4. Hello Mike,
    I like you advice, and I am happy that you to find CPA offers/networks a hassle to, I agree.

    And that is good that you point out that with ebay you need to have a high ticket item or you barely make any money, thats why I never put much time in to it.
    Thank you,

    Comment by Imports in China — March 19, 2012 @ 7:24 am

  5. Mike,
    I am thinking of JV-ing with someone who writes good contents but not into internet marketing. I plan to convert that into eBooks to sell and share with him on %age basis. How many % for him will be reasonable?

    Comment by Winnie — March 21, 2012 @ 7:53 pm

  6. I agree with the various points that is listed on how to monetize website.

    For me personally, I will prefer to create my squeeze page and grow my own list of subscribers while I am creating my own products.

    The main reason I want to do that is to ensure that when my product is already created, I will be able to promote to my own small list of subscribers.

    My main key objective is to create my own product and get the affiliates to promote the product for me.

    Comment by Jason Bennet — March 22, 2012 @ 9:26 pm

  7. I gave up on adsense. I can make $100 a month from amazon on one site, and less than 10 in adsense.

    Comment by Frugalvoice — March 30, 2012 @ 9:03 pm

  8. Hey Mike,

    I’m just starting out with my own blog and I’m 90% of the way towards completing my first product. The initial aim of my blog is to document my journey and I feel that it keeps me accountable even though I know that hardly anybody reads it!

    Obviously the main aim of my blog is to monetize it one day and there are some good tips on this site that I found useful


    Rich Jones Marketing

    Comment by Richard — April 13, 2012 @ 11:05 am

  9. Thank you for that information ive just started out it is hard to get the traffic to my sites.

    I have tryed the keyworks on one of my site so i have payed for some traffic but dont now if this will work can you advise me please

    Comment by Dwayne — April 13, 2012 @ 11:55 am

  10. Thank you for that information ive just started out it is hard to get the traffic to my sites.I have tryed the keyworks on one of my site so i have payed for some traffic but dont now if this will work can you advise me please

    Comment by Dwayne — April 13, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

  11. Analyzing the traffic on my sites seems hard. I use Google analytics but often the traffic sources listed, say under “Referrals” are in an unrecognizable code that can not be ascertained. Makes it hard to get accurate tracking.

    Comment by Mike|Online Marketing — May 21, 2012 @ 8:26 am

  12. Hey there! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

    Comment by http://www.ebusinesstactics.com — December 7, 2012 @ 9:10 am

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