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Clickbank Tracking Subid can be up to 24 Characters Long

Clickbank Tracking Subid max length can be up to 24 Characters Long – not limited to 8 as most sites tell you.

OK… I have been running into conflicting info regarding the maximum number of characters you are allowed to include in the subid for tracking your Clickbank Affiliate URL (hoplink).

Almost everything I see out there says 8 MAX but NOT ACCORDING to CLICKBANK! They say you can have up to 24 characters – after which they will truncate the subid. NOW that’s more like it! 8 is not enough! 24 should be just fine!

Although ME personally – I hate LIMITS of any kind!

I’d rather see smething more open ended but hey – I guess some people could potentially abuse it and cause extra processing – so in this case 24 makes sense – but 8 – NO WAY!

EIGHT is simply TOO LIMITING! What if you want to include a site name and a category identifier??? 8 is not enough!

Fortunately Clickbank says we can use up to 24 characters!

Look below for the policy from the official Clickbank affiliate tools

From Clickbank.com

Affiliate Program: Tools
Optimize Your Commissions With These Affiliate Tools
ClickBank provides affiliates with many useful tools to help you refer customers, track your commission stats and calculate earnings. Use the tools below to help you earn the most with your ClickBank account!

1.Create a HopLink
2.Cloak a HopLink
3.Passing Parameters
4.Calculating Commissions
5.Track My Campaign
6.Instant Notification service

1. Create a HopLink
Your HopLinks should be targeted to the top level of the current window and should be in the following format:


This is what it looks like in html:

<a href=”http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net
     target=”_top”>CLICK HERE</a> 

Here’s how to make it work…

•Replace AFFILIATE with your affiliate Nickname
•Replace VENDOR with the vendor Nickname
•Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer
For example, to make a HopLink to the Marketplace, use “Marketplace” as the VENDOR name in your HopLink:


Be sure to replace “AFFILIATE” with your own ClickBank affiliate Nickname.

To open a HopLink in a new window set the target attribute of the HopLink to “_blank”. Here’s an example:

<a href=”http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net
     target=”_blank”>Click Here!</a> 

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2. Cloak a HopLink
There are a few different options available to cloak a HopLink. The simplest approach is to use the HopLink Shield, which encodes the affiliate and vendor nicknames.

If you prefer to also cloak the ClickBank portion of the HopLink we recommend sending the customer to a URL of your own that redirects them through the correct HopLink. To do this uses the HTML below. Don’t forget to replace each occurrence of AFFILIATE and VENDOR with the correct value!
HopLink Cloaker HTML:
<title>Loading page…</title>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”2;URL=http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net”>
if(document.images) { top.location.replace(url); }
else { top.location.href=url; }
<a href=http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net>page</a>…
If your web server runs php you can use this simple script instead:
HopLink Cloaker PHP Script:
header(“Location: http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net“);
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3. Passing Parameters
If you want to pass other parameters through the HopLink to arrive at the target URL we will pass up to 64 bytes of QUERY_STRING data through to the target URL.

For example:


Would redirect to…


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4. Calculating Commissions
Here is an example of the commission calculation if you are promoting a product that offers a 55% commission:
Retail Price: $29.95
Subtract 7.5% + $1 -$3.25
Net Sale Amount: $26.70
55% of the Remainder: $14.69
Therefore, as the referring affiliate for this sale, you would earn $14.69.

5. Track My Campaign
As an affiliate, the tracking code enhancement provides the power to track and manage your campaigns by tying a specific sale back to the promotion that initiated it. The tracking code is implemented throughout the ClickBank system as “tid”. The format of the HopLink URL with a tracking code is located below.


In order for the feature to work properly, you must adhere to these standards during its implementation. The tracking code value, which is “zzzzz” in the example above, can be 24 characters long, containing alpha and numeric characters only. Any value longer than 24 characters will be truncated. Any value containing characters other than alpha or numeric will have the entire tracking code value removed from the HopLink, order process and, will not show in the transaction report. Tracking code values received with lower case characters will be set to all uppercase. The tracking code parameter, which is “tid” in the example above, must be lower case.

6. Instant Notification service
The Instant Notification service notifies clients via HTTP of different types of transactions that occur within the ClickBank system for their account. Each post contains a group of URL Parameters relevant to the transaction. The feature is designed to allow you to easily integrate your back-end operations with the ClickBank transaction management system.

Important: This service is not required. Standard notifications and sales statistics are not affected by this service.

More info at the Clickbak site – www.clickbank.com/

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  1. Nice article explaining the technical aspect of Clickbank Tracking Subid.

    Comment by Tanay — May 21, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

  2. Thanks for the article. I have not really thought of some of those things that way.

    Two tumbs up. You have shed real light.
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  3. hi Mike
    I always enjoy reading about CB because I still can’t figure it out how to sell CB products. Maybe is just me or the products I promote really s**k but CB is worse than Adsense for me.
    PS.Is a bit annoying that each posts opens in a new window. At least for me :)

    Comment by Drew — June 20, 2009 @ 2:56 am

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  13. I believe using a meta refresh is used by a lot of spammers and hence google is not keen on it. You could use the redirect facility at your host. Godaddy is good for this and it completely hides the sites url you go to.

    If you must use the meta refresh then you should include the 301 redirect.

    Comment by Guy — November 26, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

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  27. For ages I’ve been reading that the tid was limited to 8 characters – good to know it’s now 24.

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  37. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the nice explanation of the clickbank TID.
    You might be interested in my WP TID Generator wordpress plugin – it creates TIDs dynamically depending on the incoming search keyword. By that you can find out what your visitors that actually bought your affiliate products were searching for.
    I would be glad if you could mention the plugin in the article – and of course you could earn some commission, too as it is a clickbank product 😉


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