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Blogging Underground Pre-Launch Buzz!

Wow! The official grand opening launch of Blogging Underground is less than 2 days away (It opens on Tuesday April 26th, 2011).

Here is a PRE-LAUNCH VIDEO with a preview of the “Link Your Way To The Top” training videos and PDF I will releasing at the grand opening.

Things are really getting crazy for me as I prepare for the big official launch!

I know it’s insane out there because I have Google alerts and am amazed at all the people putting up stuff about me and BU! I’ve never had that happen on this level and am really impressed and excited with all the folks getting behind it!

I’m also thrilled because since I announced the official launch date back in late March I have had over 400 brand new registrations for my Super Affiliate Center! That just blows me away! I am thrilled and excited so many people are getting ready to promote Blogging Underground as an affiliate!

If you haven’t yet regsitered for free to get access to the Super Affiliate Center you can find all the details and registration link here.

I’m having a crazy JV sales contest with iPad2’s as the prizes! BUT this contest is really different than most JV contests  because it’s not just ONE iPad I am giving away – but rather MANY iPads – as the level to win one is ridiculously low for those that register as a JV Partner and promote Blogging Underground!

If you have a list of subscribers or customers and have not yet registerered – you must do it – this is a rare opportunity to make some big commission money and win an easy prize if your people dig Blogging Underground and join!

OK – so while I am thrilled about this crazy level of activity – I’m also a little worried because I have never ever done a launch with this many people ready to promote it.

I wrote in the BU Blog the other day that I am going to limit the number of people that can join Blogging Underground and that I am expecting to raise the price and close the doors when I hit capacity.

Well – I’m already getting email accsuing me of creating “false uregency” and I just gotta say that’s absolutely NOT true! Hey – I am a marketer but I’m just being honest about the capacity and how many members I can handle before things start blowing up!

Trust me – I’m going to expand capacity as much as I can to make sure all the affiliates promoting Blogging Undeground can make a good amount of commissions and not get stuck promoting something with a SOLD OUT sign – BUT –  in this case – there really is a THRESHOLD where I must shut the doors!

Please don’t worry about it yet – we’re not there – but just be aware that I am on top of this and need to make sure the member experience is a good one for all that join.

This launch thing is very exciting and I don’t really know what to expect – but of the pre-launch buzz is any indication – this thing could really go nuclear! So to be safe – I’m doing everything I can to make sure we can expand resources and handle the traffic!

If you want to read more about this issue of scarcity and price increase talk – you can check out my response to an email I got which I posted at the FAQ page at BU.

Here it is:

Q: I just saw in your blog that you are going to limit how many members you are going to accept after you re-open and also that you will be raising the price. Is this for real or just a marketing ploy to get me to join now and if so – how many members are you going to accept before closing it and WHEN will the price go up? I need to know something more specific.

A: Great question! I can appreciate how you might be skeptical with all the marketing products out there creating FALSE urgency and scarcity so you buy their stuff. I’m not doing that! It really is very likely we’re going to shut the doors again – most likely soon – but I can’t put a number on it  or give it a date. It’d be a fake number if I did that.

I have to say that because I want to be up front and let everyone know we do NOT have an unlimited capacity. There is a limit to how many members we can serve at a premium level and I know we’re going to hit it – I just can’t say we’re there until we get to that point.

All I can say is that we have a killer set up which is running very well and I know we can serve a large number of new members, but – if things get weird or too crowded or unmanageable I am fully prepared to stop accepting new members when I see the resources are being stretched thin.

The first step will be increasing the price – so those that really NEED to get in won’t be locked out. But shortly after doing that the doors will need to be closed.

If you dig what we have – I suggest you join now to lock in the best price and if you ever need to cancel – that’s cool – we won’t delete any of your links or data – and we’ll keep a spot open for you at the same price when you’re ready to come back.

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  4. Hi Mike,
    I have been a member of Blogging Underground for about 8 months now. It is easy to use and I have found plenty of related blogs to post on. BU has helped with my link building two fold.
    Thanks for creating this software and saving us time!


    Comment by Catherine @ Affiliate Marketers College — June 15, 2011 @ 3:14 am

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