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Dump Google and Go for Yahoo!

I have some news about an exciting new product you should be aware of. 

 It’s just what I have been looking for, and I think you’ll get into it too! It’s very fresh and different and can help us get away from Google – at least a little!

It’s worth looking at because these guys discovered a Yahoo PPC formula and raked in $463,590.22 in ONLY 58 Days!!!

I don’t know about you, but that kind of proof is hard to ignore!

If you want to buy some high quality PPC traffic that converts visitors into sales and get it super cheap – read on – you’ll love Yahoo Cash for Idiots! Or, if you’re too anxious to wait, jump to videos with proof at this URL:


Yahoo Cash for Idiots! just launched and it’s a breath of fresh air, because instead of some guru hammering out another Google Pay Per Click guide that involves hours of training and theories so difficult to master, it’s an easy to grasp formula – er – a loophole!

 Advertising on Google Adwords is great if you have time and money to burn so you can test and test and maybe get a grasp on the complex quality score guidelines and techniques that MIGHT shave off a few cents off of your PPC ads on Google… but that’s too risky for many of us who don’t have the time or money to waste!

The Yahoo formula is NOT like that at all – it’s simple to learn because this system focuses on an easy to duplicate formula that will have you generating sales from high quality traffic that is dirt cheap from Yahoo!

Why is the traffic so cheap??? Because Google is far more successful with Adwords and there are MANY MORE people buying keywords – that translates into higher average bids on Adwords, whereas Yahoo is wide open! AND Yahoo has no shortage of traffic!

Yahoo has tons of traffic and it’s much less expensive than Google!

Yahoo Cash for Idiots!

Targeting Yahoo traffic for pennies per click is like shooting fish in a barrel, as opposed to paying those exorbitant high pay per click amounts that Google Adwords is commanding! The best keywords have so much competition on Google you need to bid high to get any traffic! It’s soooo expensive and too risky!

Sure, if you’re a pay per click expert then Google Adwords is a great way to get quality traffic, but it can cost you an arm and a leg! It’s also risky and requires your attention to make sure your money is converting! Unless you are a true pro who knows every angle to get ads cheaper on Adwords, you need to be super careful that your money doesn’t get flushed down the drain! Expensive ads on Google can bring less money back than you put in if you aren’t careful!

The solution is so simple it’s one of those “why didn’t I think that before” kind of things. Yahoo is the answer! Buy ads on Yahoo which is much cheaper and will ALSO bring you tons of traffic if you want it!

And that’s where Yahoo Cash for Idiots comes in! These guys have mastered Yahoo PPC and can show proof they are raking in huge money selling affiliate products with ads on Yahoo! You can get excellent traffic so cheap and it converts very well! These guys show you how to do it!

I know I am going to be studying this new Yahoo traffic technique very closely because I don’t have the time to baby sit campaigns on Adwords! At the prices you can buy clicks on Yahoo you simply don’t need to worry!

Well, enough of me going off on the benefits of Yahoo traffic versus Google! Dump Google and give Yahoo a shot! and be sure to see how these guys are doing it! They have a system that works and proof from their own affiliate commissions AND more importantly from 3rd parties too! See the proof for yourself!

> link > Yahoo Cash for Idiots!

Watch the videos!

Wishing you success!

Mike Liebner

P.S. If you are a beginner and need a refresher course on what affiliate marketing is and where the money comes from – please watch my video “The Missing Link”. It will help you make the connection between people and traffic and how you can monetize your web sites!

> link > Missing Link

Then, after watching the Missing Link – check out Yahoo Cash for Idiots at:


Mike Liebner

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  1. if great if we can convert traffic from yahoo formula into sales. i think you must have done lots of homework to reveal the yahoo formula. before reading your post my thinking was there is no better option than google and yahoo is on 2nd level but after reading this post my thinking is completely changed. thanks for this informative post. good luck.

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