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Buying Lots of Stuff Is Not Required to Achieve Success

I often get asked by people who are planning to join Blogging Underground for suggestions on other things they’ll need to buy to help them achieve success.

Buying a lot of stuff is NOT REQUIRED!

While I will pass along suggestions for good stuff when I run into it, I would like to stress that the system I have developed called the 12 Step Success Strategy System works like a charm if you follow it without getting distracted by other time wasters.

My strategy works  like a charm! It does not require any additional purchases other than a Blogging Underground membership itself.

Everything you need is included to help get lots of targeted traffic without the need to get other tools or services.

The fact that you have 480+ blogs that you can get in-content backlinks in itself is almost enough to work on it’s own. Combined with my strategies it’s really easy to get to what I call Critical Mass and get sites that get top rankings for all kinds of big money keywords!

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t use other tools or buy software and plugins – but it is not necessary.

Everything you need to achieve success and build web sites that get lots of targeted traffic is included with a BU membership or is available for free or very little expense – like buying a domain name – or getting a cheap hosting account.

Buy a keyword domain name – get a cheap but good web host and build a nice WordPress blog on it and follow the steps in the 12 Steps training.

This stuff really works!

The steps are shown in great detail in the 12 Step Success Strategy System that members have access too. The training shows the important stuff and nothing additional other than BU, a domain name and hosting is required. No additional software or programs. (continued – read more of this article…)