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Words Equal Money Keyword Research Webinar

Are you fascinated by Keyword Research as much as I am?

It’s a lot of fun but more importantly keyword research can help you make more money online with your web site! If you want to improve your success please try out my Free Keyword Research Tool – AUKDAT – it will evaluate your web page and give you the keyword density for single keywords – two word phrases and even three word phrases! AUKDAT is the one keyword research tool you must have bookmarked! Watch the AUKDAT Keyword Research Tips Video – it’s loaded with great ideas!

I wanted to personally invite you to join me today, May 20, 2010 at 5 PM EDT for a special live “Words Equal Money” event, as I present a webinar on Keyword Research.

> Register Here (webinar replay video)

In just a few hours I’ll be spending 90 minutes with keyword research expert Jon Shugart of Keyword Rockstar fame whom I will be interviewing live with you there to help me ask the really good questions.

The first 60 minutes I will be interviewing Jon and having a conversation about keyword research, and the next 30 minutes we will be taking YOUR questions live!

If there is anything you would like to know – this is your chance to get the answers!

This is NOT a canned presentation and I will do my best to get the really good stuff out of Jon including the low down on the situation where Google went off on affiliate marketers and went out and shut down thousands of accounts, as well as reveal opportunities about buying cheap PPC clicks, getting free organic search traffic and so much more!

This will be 90 minutes well spent!

There are a limited number of seats for today’s live event – so if  you want to join us – please register now!

Reserve your “Words Equal Money” Webinar seat now at:


REPLAY VIDEO (continued – read more of this article…)

Twitter Search? Give me a break!

So what’s all this noise about Twitter Search???

Is there really a TWITTER SEARCH??? Oh… OK – I searched for it on Google and found it.

It’s at: http://search.twitter.com/

Twitter Search Sucks!

I could not find Twitter search on my personal twitter page:


(Follow me by the way – I’m clever at fitting in a lot in that cryptic space!)

So what is the big deal about Twitter Search (or is that search twitter?)

It sucks, right???

I keep hearing the web 2.0 gurus out there praising Twitter and on several occasions they proclaimed that Google better watch out becuase Twitter Search is the future.

If you asked me – Twitter itself is lame and Twitter Search is even lamer.

I searched TwitterSearch for best plants for indoor pollution

No results found for my 5 word query??? NONE!

Ohhhhh. was my search above the 160 allowed characters??? Who knows!

 Twitter is less as in USELESS and trust me – in this case LESS is not MORE. It’s just less.

Uhhh… do people search for single words anymore? It’s 2010 for Crissakes.

If you want to find out about something other than single words like dogs or cats you better not waste your time on Twitter. Maybe a 2 workd search like “oil spill” but geez – who wants to get their info from Twitter on an oil spill??? I’m sure there are some clever 160 character pieces on that – but geez – not likely :’> Sorry… I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney.

I mean c’mon – they (Twitter founders) never really thought this thing out – you know the 160 character limit… I mean hey – most of my URL’s take up the bulk of the post and I am usually scrambling to get in what I want to say in as few words as possible because my URL has already snatched up the characters.

Sure – I could get a shorter URL to use – but isn’t that a hassle to do? IT doesn’t exactly encourage spontaneity when you gotta shorten your URL before tweeting.

Now – I might be missing something here – but if you ask me LIMITS are for sissies! They suck! (continued – read more of this article…)