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38 Min Video With Anthony Robbins, John Reese and Frank Kern

Are you a Tony Robbins fan???

I’d like to turn you on to a free inspirational video that I just watched which is posted on Tony’s blog.

I think it may help motivate you to start taking action and get moving towards your dreams and goals!

Any of you guys that have been with me for a while may have noticed that I’m a big Tony Robbins follower. I even include a quote from Anthony Robbins in the signature of my email messages (see bottom of this post).

Oddly enough, last night I watched the Anthony Robbins infomercial on TV (worth watching by the way) and I had written down the phone number so I could buy his newest course. I haven’t done that yet, but it seems funny that Tony keeps popping up everywhere I go. In fact last night a friend asked me about Tony Robbins at dinner, and today I got an email from an affiliate news list I am on and it gave the link to this video. (continued – read more of this article…)

62,000 Keywords – Are YOU Ready for Halloween?

62,000 Keywords – Are YOU Ready for Halloween?

I have just added 2 keyword lists with over 62,000 high traffic and high profit keywords in the Article Underground Members section.

If you are a current member of Article Underground you can get the 2 incredibly profitable lists of keywords in the members section.

If you are NOT currently a member – don’t worry –

>>> 21 Day Trial Offer is HERE <<<

– if you take the trial you can grab the keyword lists, get 400 more articles PLUS use the AU Blogs to get linked in! Pretty cool, eeh???

So… Are YOU ready for Halloween? I don’t mean your costume – are you ready to make money from HALLOWEEN TRAFFIC and SALES???

It’s still not too late to get ready! IF you do it now!

These 2 new lists are loaded with keywords to help you make more money!

1) Halloween List with 1,446 keywords relating to costumes and Halloween

2) Big List of 60,174 keywords covering all kinds of money making keywords!

The new 1,400 + keyword list for halloween and costumes is just what you need so you can start getting ready for the big money rush! (continued – read more of this article…)

Magic List Bot – list building tool

I just found Magic List Bot! A great new list building tool!

Magic List Bot is one of those cool and unique programs that kind of just flew out of nowhere and took over my consciousness. I just bought it for 77 bucks on Clickbank and must say I am a little overwhelmed by it, but am really excited, as it truly is an automated solution to quickly build a free list of opt-in subscribers. (continued – read more of this article…)

Keyword Minute – Free PDF from Keyword Elite creator Brad Callen

The free Keyword Minute PDF is worth snagging!

Hi guys! I’m going to have to make this a quick one as I need to run out the door to get my teeth cleaned… argh…

BUT I wanted to make sure you got this cool free PDF called the Keyword Minute (strange name, eh?)


It’s from the creator of Keyword Elite, Brad Callen, who was nice enough to hook me up with the newest version of his monumental keyword research program Keyword Elite 2.0 and it’s a hot one! (continued – read more of this article…)

Less Resistance = More Sales with CPA

I have some really valuable information about a new product on CPA Offers called Zero Friction Marketing which I am thrilled to share with you.

If you buy ZFM from my affiliate link – I’d be happy to give you a complimentary bonus zip with 800 articles from the back issue vault at Article Underground. Details at the bottom of this article.

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a few days you may have been exposed to some of my training materials which discuss “where the money comes from”. I’ll link a few of my tutorials at the bottom in case you missed them.

I myself discovered CPA Offers about 2 and a half years ago and understanding and using CPA has improved my profitability significantly.

Understanding CPA can make the difference between pulling in nickels and dimes for your efforts or grabbing dollars. Lots of them!

I’m not just blowing smoke, as knowing the best way to monetize your traffic is huge! And I am not just telling you this because I want to sell you something.

I truly believe that if you want to make the most possible earnings from your web sites and traffic that you need to monetize your pages with the highest converting offers and get your visitors to take action! They need to convert! It’s essential if you want to make money!

Putting Adsense ads on your pages is ok and will bring you a few bucks here and there. I am not saying that is bad – it’s just not always the best way to pull in cash. And promoting products from Clickbank or Commission Junction is ok, but they often cost a lot and require a purchase for you to earn money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give away stuff and still get paid???

>>> Zero Friction Marketing  (continued – read more of this article…)