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How to make money using the Internet!

How to make money using the Internet: create value and get paid!

I ran across an article in a blog that made so much sense that I thought I should share it with you.

The blog post grabbed me right from the start!

“Make money: not by building an internet company, but by using the net as a tool to create value and get paid. Use the internet as a tool, not as an end.”

That is so right on!

The way to attract money is by providing something of value and presenting it to people!

And that applies to all of us building web sites, promoting our own or affiliate products, or employing any of the numerous methods available to us to earn a living by partnering with the world wide web!

Well… enough of me telling you about it…

You should go to the blog and read it yourself! I think you might be glad you did!

The article is by (continued – read more of this article…)

Free DOFOLLOW plugin for WordPress!

Excellent free DOFOLLOW plugin for WordPress will help your blog get more traffic and make it more sticky when people visiting have every reason to leave a comment!

Get the DoFollow 4.0 free plugin here.

It’s ridiculously EASY to install.

Drop the file in your WP PLugins folder – upload – then activate it in WP!

That’s it! Then you’ll have FULL LINK JUICE passed in the links in your comments.

Read more about DO FOLLOW and get a list of some blogs that have the plugin installed at:


Forced NOFOLLOW on blogs is a bummer.

“dofollow” encourages people to comment on your blog. It will make it more sticky and encourage discussions!

Clickbank Tracking Subid can be up to 24 Characters Long

Clickbank Tracking Subid max length can be up to 24 Characters Long – not limited to 8 as most sites tell you.

OK… I have been running into conflicting info regarding the maximum number of characters you are allowed to include in the subid for tracking your Clickbank Affiliate URL (hoplink).

Almost everything I see out there says 8 MAX but NOT ACCORDING to CLICKBANK! They say you can have up to 24 characters – after which they will truncate the subid. NOW that’s more like it! 8 is not enough! 24 should be just fine!

Although ME personally – I hate LIMITS of any kind!

I’d rather see smething more open ended but hey – I guess some people could potentially abuse it and cause extra processing – so in this case 24 makes sense – but 8 – NO WAY!

EIGHT is simply TOO LIMITING! What if you want to include a site name and a category identifier??? 8 is not enough!

Fortunately Clickbank says we can use up to 24 characters!

Look below for the policy from the official Clickbank affiliate tools (continued – read more of this article…)

Autoresponders & List Building – invest in your business and it’s future!

List building is critical to the longevity of any business.

By LIST BUILDING I mean getting the email addresses of your customers and/or subscribers and keep in touch with them by sending email messages with an autoresponder.

Whether you have a product and are marketing it OR if you simply have web stes that get a decent amount of web traffic – you MUST get an autoresponder!

I’ve been online doing business from the comfort of my home for over 13 years now and it has only been 3 years since I got an autoresponder and started collecting emails from visitors and customers.

If I had to say the ONE mistake I have made in the course of my online business career, I would say that I regret NOT having gotten an autoresponder sooner.

It would have been a tremendous asset, even if I only captured a small percentage of the visitors to my web sites.

Don’t make the same mistake I did – get yourself an autoresponder and start building a  LIST!

The 2 Most Popular Autoresponders are:

Get Response – seems to be getting more popular.  (continued – read more of this article…)