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Free Keyword Research Discussion – Get Your MP3 Audio File

Free Keyword Research Discussion on MP3

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from “Words Equal Money” and I’ve got a great audio file for you to listen to that truly shows how words equal money! Link > Keyword Research Discussion MP3

Jim Morris of Nichebot and myself had a 51 minute discussion where we talk about keyword research and how keywords can help people find your web pages easier.

> Get the MP3 File HERE!

The free MP3 audio file is loaded with info that can help you get more traffic by using keyword research the right ways! Get more traffic by using the right keyword! Use Keyword Research in the right way! Stop wasting time! (continued – read more of this article…)

Radio and Online Advertising – Two Hearts Beat as One!

Radio Advertising and Online Advertising

Both have a lot in common… you might even say… two hearts beat as one… that’s an old song… in fact the song is trapped on vinyl in my garage… ah… but the mind never forgets!

So… about advertising…

OK… let’s get into some advertisng talk as I unravel my past history and tell about how it all started.

Radio advertising is the basis of my deep knowledge of internet marketing, online advertising and other broadcast and internet media. (continued – read more of this article…)

The Power of Digg and Video

The power of Digg.com is undeniable!

Do you want to make a lot of money???

Here is an idea for you. It’s not original. I simply analyzed a site that is kicking butt.

CSPANJUNKIE can barely serve pages it is getting so much traffic.

So how can we do it???

Make a topical site and put topical content in videos you post on youtube with your web address on the screen.

This site cspanjunkie.org does nothing more than record tv and post videos on their site and youtube (maybe other places too). They record video from CSPAN, Bill Maher etc.

Then they post on youtube and use DIGG to get the word out

In this case they recorded Bill Maher from his HBO show Real Time.

They posted this video on youtube and listed it on DIGG and now the sucker has 5,445 diggs and 132,702 plays on youtube which pimps their url predominantly on the video screen.


Their site barely came up. (continued – read more of this article…)

53,490 Keywords! More Hooks Than a Tackle Box!

Free Video and Free Keyword Research with 53,490 of the Most Expensive Keywords

More Hooks Than a Tackle Box!

I have some news and information that can really help you kick start your 3rd Quarter into profit overdrive! I have a new video for you plus a free keyword list. Be sure to read to the bottom! 

It was a great Labor Day holiday weekend here on the West Coast of the USA, but reality is sinking in as the days are getting shorter and Summer is turning into Fall. That’s OK though, because this is the time of the year that we can make some serious money!

It’s time to get back to work because from here on till next Spring the traffic and profits are on the rise!

So, you may be wondering about the subject and opening of this message.

53,490 Keywords – More Hooks Than a Tackle Box!

Man, I am so excited because I have some incredible keyword research that I will share with you that can truly save you a ton of time from having to do it yourself. This list has keywords with huge opportunities that can potentially bring you hordes of traffic!

A keyword list can really do that???

Well, it depends on how you use the data, but YES, the right keywords can bring you a ton of money and this list is jam cram loaded with monsters!

The full keyword list is a huge Excel file which is 5.7 MB in size and has all the data you need to do some serious analysis. I also prepared a short little video to give you an overview of what you can do with the keywords.

You’ll find the keyword video at this URL along with links to download the keyword spreadsheet files.

>>> Click Here for the Video and Free Keyword Spreadsheet Files

The keywords and data are fresh, but as we all know, data changes everyday, so the list is not intended to be up to date and complete and entirely accurate. It is based on compiling research missions with keywords over the past two months. The data was cleaned of garbage and the duplicates were removed so the remaining 53,490 keywords are the cream of the crop. All are expensive keywords that have average cost per click of .15 cents and higher with anything lower  removed. I also removed keywords that have less than 200 searches. That means this list only contains the best keywords with high bid clicks and decent search volume! >> there is still more ahead >> (continued – read more of this article…)