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Internet Marketing and Better Backlinks - Different? Better?

Get Lots of Web Traffic by Building Web Pages With PLR Articles With Great Words and Getting Links

You can get lots of traffic by building web pages that have great words when you get quality links pointing at them!

Do you want to be a successful web publisher and build web sites that make money?

The secret to success as a web publisher may be simpler than you realize.

Are you looking for a time tested system that will help you learn and understand the secret to building profitable web sites? Are you tired of getting distracted by all the time consuming tasks that seem to be nothing more than a waste of your precious time???

Build pages and get links.

That is the secret SEO system for success as a web publisher and it is my mantra!

It should be your mantra too, because people who build pages and get links regularly are quite often very successful web publishers!

The internet marketing search engine optimization business is really so simple, but so many people insist on making it more complex than it needs to be. I believe anyone can make good money with an online business by simply focusing on building web sites and adding new pages regularly that have lots of great words on them!

It’s simple – you build web sites with real valuable content web pages that have great words on them! Build pages with lots of thematically related keywords – words that are naturally associated with the topics on the pages. When you build web pages like that then you simply make sure you have good text links from other web sites that are pointing at your web pages!

You need text links that have good words in them pointing at the pages on your site!

Build pages and get links. That’s the process. That is the system. It’s that easy!

So if it’s really that easy – why isn’t everyone doing this????

Ahhh… yes – it seems so simple but I know from experience that most people make things far more complicated than is necessary! They dwell on things that have no relation to making money. They get distracted by things and try to learn all about everything, even spending time on things that have no direct impact on success.

People spend too much time analyzing and planning and NOT enough time DOING!

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Vary Your Link Text (and eat your vegetables or else!)

Vary Your LINK TEXT (and eat your vegetables or else!)

Text links are a great way to help boost your search engine rankings – especially when they have YOUR keywords in the LINKS!

Search engines love this stuff… ummm… in moderation… 

Just like in the real world where you need to be careful NOT to over do some things… such as overeating that funky chunk sweet fatty ice cream stuff which may taste good… so good it’s hard to stop eating it once you get started… but don’t eat too much of that sugar filled crap because you might just get a tummy ache… at the very least you’ll gain some weight and a zit or two (a real world penalty by the way!) 

Just like in the real world – there are penalties for excessive behavior in SEO! The days of hammering a SPECIFIC KEYWORD PHRASE in the link text for a page are long gone.

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Power of RSS & Dynamic Content

Need dynamic content on your web pages?

How about using RSS feeds to put some great words on your web pages???

The Article Underground article announcements blogs are perfect for getting feed data that will put excellent words on your pages!!!

> LINK to Power of RSS Video

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