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Nichebot audio file plus Special Deal (double credits)

Do you have a couple of spare hours to listen to the new audio file on duplicate content?
Jim Morris and I did webinar on May 7th for Nichebot subscribers and Jim was nice enough to allow me to share the MP3 file with Article Underground members and Words Eqaul Money newsletter subscribers. I’m also announcing it here on my blog!

>>> MP3 Audio Download

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New Article Underground Training Video

I just released a new training video for Article Underground members and Words Equal Money Newsletter subscribers. The video is called “Real Content is King”. 


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Twitter – ing about the web

I finally just discovered and experienced Twitter for myself after reading about it often enough.. but now I’ve used it and I actually have an understanding about what it is.

What is Twitter?

Well, I must admit, it’s not exactly what I thought it was.

Follow or be followed….

Twitter is a place online to let people know what you’re doing! It’s a place to let your followers follow what you’re doing or you can follow others.

Sure, I had a vague idea that you could input short bursts of sentences indicating in 140 characters or less what you were doing. But I didn’t quite undestand the part where people would follow you or you could follow other people. It’s all starting to make sense.

I signed up yesterday

LINK > Here is my twitter page for Mike Liebner

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