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Internet Marketing and Better Backlinks - Different? Better?

Good SEO – Breaking the Patterns!

I’d like to discuss how ugly patterns, excessive repetition and blatant footprints can be the ultimate buzz kill when it comes to getting top rankings for your primary targeted keyword phrases on Google.

I’ll explain what some common patterns, repetition and footprints are, and I’ll explain how to remedy the situations so that sinking ships can be brought back up to the surface!

Often, when a web page suddenly declines in rankings it can be because of the links that Google sees pointing at your web page. Often some simple strategies can bring your pages back to the top! Don’t panic or freak out! I’ll help you get your pages back on top!

I am fortunate to communicate with a large number of Article Underground members and Article Marketing News newsletter subscribers on a regular basis, both by email and through the private members forum. I have the unique opportunity to discuss SEO and optimization discoveries as they develop. I also regularly analyze a large number of web sites and see many common situations.

When starting an online business as a “web publisher” it’s easy to get caught up building sites and adding pages and overlooking important details such as applying simple logic or practical strategies.

Because the Article Underground Content and Traffic System focuses on building pages and adding links I can see how some people may take the building process to it’s extreme.

I tell people to stop wasting time over analyzing and focus on getting started building web sites! I instruct newcomers it’s more important to get the ball rolling and then learn from your small victories and successes and build upon them.

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Squidoo and RSS – be sure to look at the code

Squidoo and RSS – All is not as it seems – so be sure to look at the code!

The source code of your squidoo lens pages that is! (go to “Page Source” or “View source” in your browser)

I just realized that the lenses on which I have added RSS Feeds do NOT pass any benefit to the links from the feeds – in fact – it is not even search engine friendly.

What does that mean? Well – all it means is that when you have squidoo show your RSS feeds – the squidoo pages do NOT show any of the words from what it displays – if that’s not bad enough it does not even have the URLs on the page with a “nofollow” – it’s simply code gobblygook and has no seo benefit whatsoever.

That means that Google will NOT see any fresh new words as the RSS feeds change and they will not see the links in the feed items presented.


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eBay Affiliate Program Has an All New Partner Network

Breaking news as eBay has just taken over it’s affiliate program on April 1st from Commission Junction and has brought it in house.

This is good news for anyone who has been less than happy with cj.com’s poor statistics and archaic ways of setting up links. Hopefully eBay will make it easier to track stats and make sales! This affilaite program has already been a money maker, even with the poor tools from CJ!

If you have been signed up as an eBay affiliate with CJ, simply go to the eBay Partner Network and register – the transition will be fast and smoothe if my experience is an indicator!

Click here to register for eBay

There is also an ebay partner network migration guide at ebay’s blog.

I registered on Thursday April 3 and it went through painlessly. I simply checked my email and verified my data and was instantly set up with an account for several countries and had access to the tools.

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Wow – I am back!

I must admit I am miffed as to why I was not able to post anything new in this blog. Regardless, I am now back in action and the blog is working properly! More great SEO and BLOGGING info will be coming your way in the days ahead! Thanks!