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Social Bookmarking Wish List! I need your tips!

Social Bookmarking Wish List – I need your tips, comments and suggestions! 

Hi everyone! I need your help!

I am in the process of developing a collaborative software application to help AU members and Article Marketing Newsletter subscribers to easily help each other out with bookmarks and links at the best web 2.0 sites. It will include a rewards system!

The application will be available for free to both Article Underground members and Article Marketing Newsletter subscribers.

As you may already know, Article Underground members have had a collaborative bookmarking section in the private AU members forum, and have been helping each othr with links and bookmarks. But we want to take it a step further and really make it easy for everyone to get as active as possible!

The idea is to reward those that help others the most. That way everyone has an incentive to make an effort to bookmark and link each other!

What I need your help with is ideas on how to make this work the best it can! I also want your suggestions on the best places we need to help automate the linking/bookmarking process.

What sites should we include? What features would you like?

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What SEO’S Don’t Want You To Know About Sitemaps!

What SEO’S Don’t Want You To Know About Sitemaps! Guest article by Shannon – visit his SEO Blog

Ever read or seen where SEOS suggest that a sitemap is a must for every website?

Ever wondered how they really help? The problem is that they don’t, having a sitemap is just another well spread SEO myth that keeps newb seos going around in circles and never gaining ground.

Im not saying a sitemap is totally useless, but the thought behind having one to improve ranking and the search engines ability to find your website urls is just plain balony.

Search engine rankings are obtained naturally by creating content that people want and need to link to. The sitemap is useless to the engines if you have something worth linking to. No other explanation is necessary other then that but for those hard nosed html and xml sitemap lovers I have more to say on the subject!

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The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint

The Article Underground CPA Action Plan Blueprint My simple to follow action plan to score big on promoting CPA offers.

As you may already know I just moved to Laguna Beach. I have created a special moving sale offer for a 1 year prepaid membership.

Special Offer >>> Article Underground Moving Sale Deal

OK, let’s get down to business and get into this action plan. It can make you a lot of money! The secret is using CPA offers such as freebies and trials to get your prospects to take action! It’s easy – I will show you how!

Are you earning pennies from people clicking ads on your pages? That’s not enough to get you rich!

If you are ONLY relying on Adsense ™ PPC earnings to make your fortune in web publishing, then you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table that could be yours! With minimal effort you could be earning a lot more money! Sure, PPC ads may be the EASIEST way to earn money – such as by blindly putting that Adsense ™ contextual ad code on all your web pages – however it is NOT necessarily the best way to earn money from the targeted traffic coming to your web pages.

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