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Internet Marketing and Better Backlinks - Different? Better?

Build Pages – Get Links

If you are familiar with me or Article Underground you should know that my primary sumary of what it takes to make it big in Internet Marketing and Web Publishing is the Mike Liebner mantra “Build Pages – Get Links!”.

I jokingly say Mike Liebner MANTRA because in the private Article Underground members only forum, that saying has become a running joke of sorts! In fact one member created his own avatar that had a superhero looking guy with Build Pages – Get Links on his pumped up chest! Very funny!

But it is TRUE – BUILDING WEB PAGES with great keywords on them and GETTING GOOD LINKS with excellent keywords in them can help a web publisher push their pages to the top of Google! It’s the way it works boiled down to the core!

It’s so simple, yet so many people get stumped along the way to building successful web sites that attract people and make money! They over analyze every nuance and detail and get so distracted they DO NOT spend enough time building pages and getting good links! And then they wonder why they are not MAKING LOTS OF MONEY!

It’s funny, but this morning as I was listening to the radio I heard fitness guru Jillian Michaels (from Biggest Loser fame) repeat her MANTRA which was “Eat Less – Move More!”

I laughed out loud because BUILD PAGES – GET LINKS is so remarkably close to EAT LESS MOVE MORE!!! And you know what – her mantra too is simple yet makes so much sense in so many ways. BUT dieters too get distracted! (continued – read more of this article…)

Blog Linking 101

I have a mini course on blog linking plus a complimentary blog you can practice linking in! Details below! Blog Linking 101!

Are you getting links that point to ALL of your URL’s?

Are you just linking to your home page URL, or are you getting good quality links pointing at your deep inside pages???

Blog Linking 101 suggests that you spread the love and link to ALL of your important pages – not just one or a few of them!

You’ll enjoy more top rankings and lots of extra traffic if you do!

The secret to getting traffic to your deep inside pages is having great quality backlinks pointing at them with keywords that are on the pages!

(continued – read more of this article…)