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Can you feel the “online surge”??? It’s starting!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Article Underground and I have a few items to share with you.

1) Discussion of the big surge in online activity for the holidays and beyond

2) Podcast transcript now available to print and run!

3) New set AU articles coming on the 16th with a special bonus gift for current AU members.

It’s getting close to Christmas and New Years and that means that sales, clicks, transactions and online activity in general will start going through the roof very soon.

It also means that many people and businesses will be in a state of chaos and will be distracted with many folks disappearing to go gift shopping, decorating, fooling around, or go away on vacation for the holidays.

That means that the next few days and possibly into next week will be the quiet time before the “online storm”.

From past experience I usually see a huge spike occur right around the 26th of December (day after Christmas) and it continues through all of January. It’s a wonderful thing for those of us that make our living online!

January has always been my best month for making money online (for over 12 years now) and the one I earn the most in. December and April are usually the next most profitable. So don’t worry if December is passing you by, because January is a monster and after a brief slowdown in February it will stay busy until April when it will once again peak and explode! After that – May starts the slowdown until Summer hits when many online businesses have the least activity (not all – some seasonal businesses have other peak months).

Now is the time to work hard and plan for the surge in activity that is coming at us!

Are you ready for the storm?

Do you have web pages up and indexed by Google that have the words that people will be searching for???

For those of us selling infoproducts, eBooks and affiliate products online, there will be a huge amount of newbies with computers who will be looking for information and more importantly to buy things!

Why not be the one to hook the newbies up with what they will be searching for??? They have a lot of money in their pockets from Christmas!

Create keyword rich web pages that have information about the products and services that you know the new computer owners (and cell phone owners and high tech gadget owners) will be seeking out.

Make sure your keyword loaded article web pages have relevant links to affiliate products so that you get a commission when they buy!

And they will buy!

It may as well be YOU that gets the commission, or click money!

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New 90 Minute Podcast with Michael Campbell

Free 90 Minute Podcast featuring myself Mike Liebner and Michael Campbell.

Here is the link to the just released 90 minute podcast I did with Michael Campbell of Internet Marketing Secrets.

Podcast Link – MP3 Audio

The MP3 is 90 minutes long and is loaded with tons of valuable information! We discuss PLR articles, linking and search engine optimization.
(continued – read more of this article…)