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Hi it’s Mike Liebner coming to you from the “smoky West coast of California”!

I’m fine by the way! (see my other personal blog link at bottom for pictures and a video)

The Southern California wildfires may still be burning out of control, but I still have some important information on Affiliate Info Product Marketing Training to share with you!

Thursday through Saturday of last week I attended a marketing conference in Anaheim, CA called “Affiliate Incubator” which was loaded with valuable information! I intend to use all the accumulated knowledge to make more money and achieve even more success in the future! The event was truly inspiring and I could barely sleep since then due to all the ideas I have been having since attending. In fact one night I simply had to get up and start writing down all the ideas!

One of the speakers that had the most profound impact on me was a young man from Long Beach, CA named Jermaine Griggs. If you have not heard of Jermaine, you soon will as he is among the sharpest and brightest of a new breed of marketer.


Jermaine took a home made product on “playing piano by ear” and turned it into a multi-million dollar business!

If you know a little about me, you may know that I’ve been successfully playing the “internet marketing game” full-time for over 12 years. I attribute a lot of my success to the myriad of ideas I have had as a result of participating in training from some of the best minds in internet marketing.

Actually, when I think about it, learning from the experience of successful people is the biggest factor to my achieving success in the internet marketing business. (continued – read more of this article…)

Super Affiliates in Anaheim California for Affiliate Incubator

Super Affiliates gather in Anaheim!

It’s Friday morning, October 19th 2007 and I am preparing to attend day 2 of Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren’s “Affiliate Incubator” conference in Anahemim, CA.

I’m only 14 miles away here in Newport Beach, so I can drive out each of the 3 days and listen to the top affilaites explain their strategies for making millions of dollars in affiliate sales.

Yesterday, day 1 was very good and I learned a ton of helpful information. I was hanging with Jim Morris of NicheBot and his crew. (continued – read more of this article…)

Search Engine Optimzation can have a negative impact

SEO РSearch Engine Optimzation can have a negative impact if done incorrectly. 

I’d like to discuss how ugly excessive patterns and machine like behavior can thwart your efforts to claim long term top rankings on Google and the other search engines. Patterns, Repetition¬†and Footprints May Cause Penalties.

It’s important I share details with you about my opinion on how Google and the other search engines think so we can discuss how we can achieve greater success by anticipating how they will look at what we do.

I’ll make some suggestions that should help get you to the top and keep you there for a long time.

OK, let’s discuss patterns, repetition and footprints.

I have a question for you.

Do your site building techniques reveal obnoxious patterns, excessive repetition or boilerplate footprints???

While it’s great to build lots of real content web sites with tons of relevant keywords on your web pages, it’s also very important that we are aware that there are filters and formulas that look for what Google and the other search engines may deem as un-natural spam-like behavior.

We need to be aware that if we aren’t careful to avoid repetitive spam-like patterns, that we may get penalized.

The penalty could be a slap on the wrist, or in severe cases could be much worse. Multiple vilations will increase the odds your page won’t be able to rise to the top.

Our goal as web publishers should be to build natural real content web sites that have real value for the visitors. If we do this and build our sites so they have value and promote them the right way, we will be rewarded with many top rankings and the traffic will follow! (continued – read more of this article…)