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How tight is your niche???

How tight is your niche??? Is it so tight you may be excluding people from seeing offers they may be interested in???

It may be a good idea to find a tight niche and attack it, but it is NOT necessary to keep it so tight that you may exclude potential customers from buying your products, services or clicking on ads.

I get a lot of emails from Article Underground members and newsletter subscribers that have some great questions. I’m happy to get these emails as they often help me consider and explain things that may be helpful.

I just got an email from a prospective AU member who was asking if an Article Undergrouund membership would include articles specific to his niches – hypnotism, musical instruments and eBay.

I thought I’d share the info with you guys and open up a discussion.

Article Underground is a very deep membership that offers many benefits to webmasters looking to get more traffic to their web sites. I’m often told the membership offers so much value for the $97. I’ve even been told on many occasions that I really over deliver. That’s my intention and why I keep the price affordable, yet strive to keep improving the membership benefits.

Regardless of the theme/niche of your web sites, everyone needs GOOD QUALITY TEXT LINKS to help them get traffic and rankings from the search engines. So, if for nothing else Article Underground is a terrific value at $97. to get access to 33 high quality announcements blogs to get links in and also the 80+ member contributed blogs.

Over 100 blogs can provide you some wicked linking power! (continued – read more of this article…)