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Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners and Intermediates

Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners and Intermediates

Internet Marketing is a terrific way to make a living. Selling advertising, products and services online can be a lucrative career and liberate us from having to punch in a time clock and toil way too many hours for someone else who sees the majority of the benefits of that effort.

Working at home and creating an online business can be very rewarding. The initial investment is quite small compared to traditional brick and mortar type businesses which require lots of cash and often the efforts of many.

It’s almost too hard to believe that one person such as ourselves can actually do everything that is needed to be done to generate an income that is equal to or greater than the jobs we strive to liberate ourselves from. But it can be done! And I’m not the only one who serves as proof. I’ve been a one man company for over 12 years now making a full time living from internet marketing.

While it may be possible to carve out a good living on your own, why is then that so many people fail at the internet marketing game??? Well, there certainly are lots of reasons but the one I see all the time is that people are wasting time and getting distracted by all kinds of junk and low return tasks that they fail to focus on the things that really have profit potential. It’s a cycle of sorts that many people get trapped in.

People often look for the PERFECT way to get started. As a result they NEVER get started. (continued – read more of this article…)

It’s a numbers game!

I often get emails from members of Article Underground, or from susbcribers of my marketing newsletter. Occasionally I will include them here on my blog.

Here is a message I got today and the response. It may be helpful for others.

“I would like to ask your advice. I am doing a website on KEYWORD PHRASE. I know this is a massive market but I took your advice and used a mis spelling hoping to get traffic through the back door. I am on the first page of google for this term, but am still not getting a lot of traffic. I have got about 13 articles on there and intend to put lots more on. I am currently going back over the mistakes I made when I first joined AU. EG. changing titles, duplicate posting and link text as I thought this may be the reason. I have also set up 2 other web sites on this theme and 2 blogs which all point to the main site. My main concern is that the market is too broad anyway. I’m not niave enough to know that 13 articles is going to get me hoards of traffic but I wanted to ask your honest opinion  if you think I should stop now and just write it off to experience and concentrate on tighter niches or do you think I should carry on? I don’t want to waste time flogging a dead horse as time is precious and I am already working into the early hours of the morning every day. If you think I should carry on, could you tell me at what stage the traffic should start to flow in more. EG. How many articles need to be on my website and how many articles on average I should be posting on that website per week. I am so focused on making this work, so if I have to start again I will. I just want to get it right and not just be a busy fool!”

Unless you are #1 for “credit card” or “music” you really can’t count on an overwhelming amount of traffic for one keyword. One page or even 10 pages is simply not enough data to make any real conclusions about.

It’s a numbers game!

The key to going after top rankings and free search engine traffic is to put a lot out there. Especially when you are new as many of the larger return traffic phrases need to be earned. It’s a major accomplishment for any new site to get any traffic immediately.

If you are you are on the right track! Search engines reward sites they trust and you earn trust by establishing a track record. So keep putting fresh content out there and earn some respect! Traffic will increase with time. I’m sure if you look at your stats and study the traffic graph you’ll see as you add more pages the trend will be up. That is your goal – always keep the trend up.

Also, some pages will go up – some will go down. Fluctuation is normal. So never rest on one page ranking high as you need to have more aces up your sleeve to slip into place when pages naturally drop. Also – watch your stats so you can catch pages that are dropping and get them back on top by adding more words to the pages (freshness) and also getting the pages more quality text links with the words in them. (continued – read more of this article…)

The Secret of Success – Emulate Successful People

I have an excellent free tip for you that could truly have a huge impact and possibly even change the course of your life!

“CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE” ??? Whoah! Dude! That’s a monster of a statement! (sorry – I live by the beach here in California! I’m starting to talk funny…)

That may be a monster of a statement, but it’s true! What I’d like to share with you in this email may contribute towards helping you achieve your goals and achieving success in your quest to make a living online!

I’m NOT trying to sell you anything – honest – this stuff is 100% free – so please – let down your guard for a few minutes and try to absorb what I am about to share with you.

If you’re in a hurry or anxious to get the free stuff – here is the url! Scroll to the bottom for a list of speakers.


In this message I am going to tell you about an incredible resource that is absolutely free that has audio recordings in MP3 format from some of the most well respected and trusted internet marketing success stories. Many of them are people I admire and strive to be like. Many of them have achieved success I am dreaming of achieving myself!

I really wanted to share this unique free resource with you today because this type of training and instruction has really had a profound impact on my own personal life. It may have an impact on yours too!

I’m going to ask you a few questions: Do you really want to be successful? How bad do you want success? Are you willing to work for it? Can you commit to keep trying regardless of how many temporary setbacks you may encounter???

If you answered YES – there is nothing that will stop you.

It’s no secret to those of you that are members of Article Underground, or subscribe to my marketing newsletter, that I try to be a motivator and steer you towards positive thinking and success focused energy. I realize not everybody is a big fan of “self help” and “positive thinking”, but please take a moment to consider how it has played a role in my success and consider how it may play at least a little role in your success.

I have found that the SECRET to SUCCESS is to study and emulate those who have already become successful! Learn as much as you can from people who have already done what you want to do! Try to do the things that they do and you will be one step closer towards achieving your goals. Save yourself from making mistakes that will delay what you are striving towards. Learn the right things to do and commit to doing them with dedication until you have what you want. Never stop trying! (continued – read more of this article…)

Keyword Research Secret Weapon Video Transcribed

Read – the words – from the Keyword Research Secret Weapon video.

I thought I would give it a try and see how it went…. video transcription from an AU video on Keyword Research… I’m not sold on it 100%… Maybe it was just the person who transcribed it or perhaps I talk so funny that they can’t FIGGER out those slang laden KEYWORDS, I mean words that I be talking about.

I think it’s more work than it’s worth to have someone else transcribe the hour long video and then I still need to spend an hour correcting the inproperly transcribed words…

Click for KEYWORD RESEARCH VIDEO Transcribed

Have a look and tell me what you think. It does read ok, but I spent some time FIXING it! You should have seen it before!

PLR Articles: Similar Content or Exact Duplicate Content???

I just got an email asking if there was any profit potential with Article Underground PLR Articles because of “duplicate content penalties” causing problems with getting traffic.

Ahhhh…. looking at the galss half empty instead of half full… As I have said before – it’s all in the way you look at things.

When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change!

Absolutely there can be profits using PLR articles! You can use the articles in many creative ways that will snag you targeted traffic that buys products or clicks! 

You need WORDS on your web pages and lots of them IF you want lots of free search engine traffic! PLR articles can be a great way to build up web sites and create high value real content pages that people will want to visit!

PLR articles are great inexpensive tools you can use to build web pages that will bring your web site(s) more targeted traffic!

Not ALL PLR Articles are crap! Article Underground articles have real value to visitors. That’s what you should be concerned about. Will people be happy when they visit my web site?

It’s how you use PLR articles though that can help you get more traffic than the other guys who may be less fond of working. It’s not hard work even – it’s smart work that makes your web pages better than the Average Joe’s!

Using a PLR article on a web page is not in itself going to get you #1 on Google! It’s how you use the article to build a web page with good profitable words and real value for the visitors – you need to find your audience. You need good quality links pointing at the page!

There are variables that make one page better than another. Variables that make one web site more powerful and authoritative than others.

The best of us will find ways to make our web sites better.

So – what about duplicate content?? Isn’t it a problem?

There is a big difference bewtween SIMILAR content – such as pages incorporating PLR articles – an EXACT DUPLICATE CONTENT – such as identical pages.

I’ll share some info that you should find helpful and at the bottom I’ll include links to some further discussions. Dupe content is a hot topic!

First off, Article Undeground members join for a number of reasons. The articles may be one of them. There are many other features that are worth the price of the subscription. Links in the blogs may be enough! Also great research and tutorials and a killer private forum.

AU Members see value in many of the benefits. That is why I still have many members from back in Feb. of 2006. They stay members because they keep getting value.

Not all of the 350 AU members actually download each months zip. Generally it is about HALF.

Current – as of today – 24 days after the current sets were released – downloads are as follows:

April 16, 2007 Article set 1 – 127 of 350 downloaded
April 16, 2007 Article set 2 – 108 of 350 downloaded

And of those 108 that downloaded set 1’s 400 articles – not every member will use each one of the 400 articles in the zip. Even if they use MANY of the articles there is a good chance they will modify the articles at least a little. It pays to spend a little extra effort on tweaking.

Even if they do not modify, tweak or creatively use the articles (they do) – a duplicate or “syndicated article” does not in itself cause problems with Google. It depends on the application as to whether Google will want to index the page.

Also, there are a million and one ways to creatively use the articles. It’s too easy to midify them and make YOUR web pages more unique. It is a rare chance that 2 members will use an article in exactly the same way. It is rare that 2 web pages are identical. AU offers tutorials on how to customize articles and create unique web sites that have YOUR PERSONALITY stamped on them.

Duplicate Content can be looked at in several different ways. It’s not a death sentence in itself to have an article that someone else has on their web site – in fact – there is no reason to worry about posting a PLR or syndicated article on your web site – that in itself is not a problem. It’s SIMILAR CONTENT not an EXACT DUPLICATE web page.

That’s how newspaper sites do it when they syndicate their articles. There is no penalty as such against that.

So what kinds of so-called “duplicate content” are there out there???

1. Similar Content – PLR Articles – News Syndication – Original Articles on more than 1 site – (parts of a page are the same as pages on site or on other sites)

2. Exact Duplicates (same web pages 100% as others on site or off site)

3. Public Directory Article Syndication (when 1,000’s of people use the same exact articles unmodified and with the same author box and external text links – as in the case of goarticles.com and ezinearticles.com)

I’ll give you my take on each:

1. In the case of similar content with PLR articles or articles you have written and use on more than 1 site – there should be no concern. Use your own template or design your own web page for each site that will include an article. (continued – read more of this article…)

Keyword Density Analyzer Tool Tutorial Video

Knowing what words are on your pages can be very helpful!

The free keyword tool AUKDAT will analyze your web page and tell you how many single words, 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases are on your web page (or your competitors). This is powerful information as you can now vary your link text with words and phrases that are actually on your web page! 

The Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool is the bomb! And it’s free!

I just created a new video tutorial for AUKDAT, the free Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.

Click for the Keyword Tool Video

The tutorial video runs 30 minutes and has some helpful info to get more traffic from the words on your web pages and within the links pointing at them! (continued – read more of this article…)

Top 20 Linking Secrets Video

I have some information that will help you get tons of free traffic to your web pages. It’s free.

It’s a brand new video I just recorded in Camtasia! It’s loaded with secret tactics and I am happy to share it with you.

BUT if you watch the videos – you must promise me that you will give your comments right here after this post! Tell me what you think of the videos!

The video is called Top 20 Linking Secrets and is presented in two parts totalling 59 minutes.

Spend one hour with me and I’ll reveal and discuss 20 real world tactics (actually more) that you can employ immediately to kick your linking efforts into high gear and harvest all kinds of fresh new traffic to your web pages. (continued – read more of this article…)