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PageRank Update in Full Effect

It appears there is a Google PageRank Update in Full Effect

Today 4-30-07 as I was working on my PC I noticed one of my web sites had dropped in PageRank. It appears to be a GLOBAL down-trend affecting a lot of people I have talked to.

At first, I didn’t think much of it as sometimes the PageRank on a web page will fluctuate. But as I showed one of my sites to someone I noticed it too had dropped in PageRank! Holy bat cave! A PageRank Update is in full effect.

For those of you who may not know about it, Google periodically updates the PageRank that the public will see in the Google Toolbar and other places (PageRank Checkers). Back just a year or so ago it was around every month or two but has changed to every 2 or 3 or 4 months for a complete update.

Regardless of the timeframe of the public update, it’s important to know that Google PageRank is constantly updating in real time, however we don’t always get to see that ourselves until they do the ‘public update”.

So what does all of this mean? Well, for one it means that we can see PageRank on our newer sites and also see what progress we’ve made on our older established sites.

Unfortunately today – it appears that there is an “internet wide” global drop in PageRank. In other words, MANY web sites (not all) have gotten their updated toolbar display of PageRank and have seen a drop of 1 PageRank point (on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being best). While I am happy to say MOST of my sites stayed the same – several of them have dropped and a few of them that should have zoomed up high stayed the same. All new sites WENT UP SIGNIFICANTLY.

http://www.articleunderground.com has been a strong PR 6 with boat loads of traffic and a high Alexa rank of 16,000 and hey – it dropped from 6 to 5… that aint right! It’s never been stronger from a popularity and incoming link standpoint.

As I looked at a few more of my sites to see the new PageRank I saw a few drop that should have gone UP…

Hmmm…. was it just me? The more I checked on other sites than my own, the more that I saw drop 1 or 2 PR.

In fact very few sites I looked at from the general public had the same PageRank. Almost all the sites I looked at had dropped.

goarticles.com was now a PageRank 4…. hmmm… wasn’t that a 6??? WOW!

PR 6 to PR 4 is a HUGE DROP! And that has long been thought of as an AUTHORITY site (it’s not my site).

Other sites from other people I looked at had dropped as well… in fact almost every site that was documented in my Directory Submission lists were down on average 1 or 2 points!

linkstraffic.net down to PageRank 4 from 5…

siteinclusion.com down to 4 from 5….

(those are NOT my sites)

OK, I’m starting to feel better as it is APPARENT that globally the web has had a drop in PageRank. NOT EVERYBODY but almost every site I have looked at. (continued – read more of this article…)

PortalFeeder is back! But did you see this in time?

Time Sensitive Information on a Killer Product for Experienced Online Marketers Only

WARNING: Do not read this UNLESS you are an experienced internet marketer and are already making a good living from building web sites. It will require a substantial investment of time and money.

This product is a monster, but is expensive and is NOT for beginners.

If you are struggling to make your first few web sites and have NOT yet made decent money online – you should take a step back and focus on getting the basics down first before buying in to an advanced product like the one I will now discuss.

Sorry – I need to be honest with you. This is a truly powerful and expensive product and in the right hands will make a huge impact.
But you need to be ready to use it! If you’re ready you’ll love it!

OK, let’s get to it!

I’m very selective about the products I bring to the attention of members and subscribers. In fact I will only tell you about a product if I actually own it, or am a current active member. If there is merit to the product and there are real benefits members can utilize to gain greater profits or enhance productivity I’ll make sure you know about it.

One such product I feel obligated to let you know about is Portal Feeder. It’s a monster!


PortalFeeder and Article Underground are the perfect one two punch.
They work together wonderfully. (continued – read more of this article…)

Squidoo Benefits – why it is worth setting up a lens or two

Squidooo is just one of the many new innovative web 2.0 methods to get some extra traffic to your web pages.

But you need to understand how Squidoo can help. It may appear on the surface you are just helping Squidoo but it really helps you too… There are benefits.

Andrew wrote with concerns about Squidoo.

In case you didn’t get my email, I created a squidoo page… However, I’m a little unsure as to where to go from there… and really, what’s the big deal? My Squidoo page presently has a Pagerank 0…am I supposed to build that up? And if I do, all I can see is Squidoo picking up adsense…what’s really the benefit for me?

First off – squidoo has juice – power – clout with Goo – their pages will rank very easily on top for things that you do not even try to rank for – that is – if you have words on your page – THAT can send you traffic you may not have gotten otherwise.

IF you link to their pages a few times you’ll boost the chance that page will rank top ten. It’s far easier to rank top ten with their page than to start a brand new site and get top ten. Why not have their page and YOUR page in the top ten???

Squidoo is a great place to get free RELEVANT on topic links pointing at your article pages. That’s a great opprtunity for you. That’s the secret… relevant links from relevant pages… (continued – read more of this article…)

Web 2.0 Obsession – Fast Track Ebook

If you are OBSESSED with learning as much as you can about “Web 2.0” like I am, you may want to consider buying this ebook I found called “Web 2.0 Traffic System”


I just bought it myself and while it’s $47. to buy (at least it’s not $497. like some other web 2.0 products out there!), you will definitely get on the fast track with this report. It also has a nice bonus.

The section on Squidoo is very thorough and will help get you up and running fast!

If you like to research before you leap – this PDF is worth investing in!


I’m Going Web 2.0 with Squidoo

I’ve been quietly studying “web 2.0” in the shadows, but am now coming to the surface and ready to add social bookmarking and web 2.o tactics to the training I provide here on my blog and at Article Underground and other projects in development.

The interesting thing for me about “web 2.0” tactics is that it brings me back to the earliest days of the web (in 1995 for me) when the goal was to publish a web site with real valuable content. That was before we figured out that ranking on top of the search engines for a word could bring us boat loads of money.

Back then it was just TOO EASY to get top rankings than to have to be concerned about creating “valuable content”. As a result time shifted from writing to creating pages with the intention of ranking.

Ironically here we are 11 years later and the trend now is to go back to the basics and provide REAL VALUABLE content and “become an expert”. I’m happy that’s the case!

And you should be too as I’m certain that you are an expert on something!

In the days ahead I’ll be covering the new trends in traffic generation as well as unveiling some interesting projects. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

One of the most exciting Web 2.0 sites I have found is SQUIDOO (how do you say squidoo?).

I’ll be setting up more lenses in the future but for now added one on the Article Underground Content and Traffic System. (continued – read more of this article…)

Avoid Patterns! Use Variety in Your Link Text!

Using Variety in your Link Text Keywords is Beneficial!

SEO Search Engine Optimization Keyword Density Text Linking Tips that will get you more traffic and higher rankings!

OK, I just looked at one of the newest Article Announcement blogs and noticed a member had posted some announcements and when I inspected the links and his site closer I noticed a couple of things about the sites pages and their chosen link text.

Let me say this first – I’ll capitalize it and then later after you read the whole article this will hopefully make sense:


OK, so what did I notice on the announcement blog that prompted me to discuss the importance of avoiding patterns?

Well… I spotted a member who was announcing in a manner that prompted me to take a closer look at their web site.

So what did they do?

They linked using the Keyword Phrase the article was OPTIMIZED for AND that phrase was the ONLY WORDS in his page title and as far as I can tell the only phrase used in their link text on and off their site.

In the real world when poeple link to your web pages – they rarely use LINK TEXT containing your keywords, much less ALWAYS use the SAME EXACT PHRASE! This is a PATTERN my friends.

TIP: if you use the SAME EXACT link text ALL THE TIME it is very likely it will trigger an alarm for a human visit, or get reduced relevance credit or in the worst case the search engines (smart ones) will ignore the LINK TEXT.

It’s easy for the smarter search engines like Google to see patterns like this. Think about it – it’s not natural in the real world for a web page to have a high amount of links pointing at it with the same exact link text.

So why not help yourself by varying the link text at least a little???

Here is an example using the optimized keyword phrase “Link Popularity”: (continued – read more of this article…)

Free Hosted Blogs – Get one for yourself!

I just wrote an article at my new blog network site on how you can snag your own free hosted blog and use it to advertise your web sites for free!

The blog I suggest you sign up for has a front page with a PageRank 6. Not bad!

My article How To Get Free Links has all the dirty details!

The free site I just snagged for myself will be used to promote my podcasts!

The Podcaster (continued – read more of this article…)

TV articles – Best Shows on Television

I love to write! I know – that’s sick! When I have time – I do it gladly – especially when I can write about things I like!

One of my sites that I write original articles for is TV Robot on which I get to write about Television and Entertainment. The site is starting to get pretty popular! The traffic is quite significant!

My latest article is actually pretty interesting if you like TV – “Best Shows on TV” has 25 of my favorite tv shows currently showing (or stuck on Tivo).

The top show is 24 and #2 is LOST – What are TV Shows #3 through #25??? Have a look and see!

Adsense Alert – Graphics

This is an important Adsense Alert regarding individual site’s Adsense accounts being suspended by Google.

I know it is happening because it happened with 2 of my sites. Please pay close attention to see if your sites could potentially be affected.

Do you have any Images that are “too close” to Adsense Ad Blocks?

I was just monitoring one of the Article Announcements blogs and saw that a member posted a link to his web site and his article page had a graphics block above the Adsense Ads that I know Google will definitely find objectionable. This ad will cause trouble if they find it!

Example screenshot from page:

click for full size image

That’s it – up above – I guarantee that when Google sees a page like the one above it will suspend your Adsense earnings on that web site and possible suspend your account. Change it fast or else! (continued – read more of this article…)

How To Get More Traffic

Wow! Look at the list of videos in Michael’s Traffic Videos! (see below)

I’d like to let you know about an incredible value on a brand new set of videos on how to get more traffic to your web sites from Article Underground member Michael Cheney.


I’ve only watched a few so far and it is top notch!

The videos on Pay Per Click Traffic (PPC) will save me a ton of money and MAKE me a ton of money! Thanks Michael! The videos are top notch! I can’t wait to watch more of them!

“Michael’s Traffic Videos” is an absolute steal at $97. bucks! Yes, you read right – $97. gets you instant access to a video library that will help you with time tested techniques that will get you more traffic!

Here are some of the titles from the videos. (continued – read more of this article…)