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My LASIK Eye Surgery – update at 14 days

Today is Friday, March 30, 2007 and it is exactly 2 weeks since I had my LASIK eye surgery.

To celebrate the success of my eye surgery I went out and bought me a brand new Lexus IS 350.

OK, I did not really buy it to celebrate, but I did get one yesterday after 3 days of intense dealer hopping here in Orange County.

After great deliberation I finally decided that Breakwater Blue was the best looking IS350.

Today I went back to the Lexus dealer so they could swap the chrome rims for the brushed aluminum.

Today – my 2 week anniversary photo with my new car.

Click to open enlarged version in new window
That’s me at the dealer this afternoon after they swapped out the rims.
Boy, the chrome sure looks better than the brushed aluminum! Huge difference!

I figured right now – 2 weeks – would be as good of a time as any to start documenting the events and happenings from my LASIK surgery. Starting with the day of my surgery onwards. I need to write a well documented record! After all, every day that passes gets a little cloudier and the details will fade, so I better write while everything is nice and fresh! (continued – read more of this article…)

X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative

Are you looking for an X-Ray Domination Affiliate Keyword Research Alternative? Huh… what is X-Ray???

OK, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week you’ve been told about X-Ray Domination – a $997. or $1,497. product that helps boost sales and conversions.

It tracks the keywords people click all the way through the affiliate programs sales page and will show which keywords convert into sales! Excellent keyword research for affiliate sales!

I’ve got a $127.00 alternative that will also track conversions! Read on!

X-Ray Domination Alternative


OK, so you’ve been bombarded with emails trying to sell you X-Ray Domination, the software/product from The Rich Jerk. Yes, I too got hit in the head with a rock or two and took the plunge and bought the $1,497. full use license.

Ouch! $1,497, is a whole lot of money!

Why did I buy it?

Well, for one I really liked their sales pitch and found the reasons compelling enough to invest in it, both for my own personal use and also to keep my subscribers and Article Underground members in the know. I’ll be writing about what it is and if it delivers over the next few months.

BUT in the meantime I have run across an X-Ray alternative that looks to be every bit as effective at performing “some” of what the X-Ray software claims to do at a fraction of the price. Can you believe Xtreme Conversions is just $127.???


I bought Xtreme Conversions too. I’ll be reporting more details after I install and test the software, but for now let me just say that while Xtreme Conversions may be cheaper – it is NOT a knock off or cheap imitation of X-Ray or any other product (as far as I can tell).

It doesn’t have all the hype, training and big promises of X-Ray but what the software does offer is a way to track where visitors are coming from – what keywords they searched for or clicked – AND
– this is the good part – it will tell you which keywords resulted in a SALE of the products on your pages. (continued – read more of this article…)

Is Adsense Dead?

Is Adsense Dead?

Every day I get a large amount of emails with questions about internet marketing. While reading email can be a distraction at times (especially sifting through all the spam), I do find it helpful to be connected with customers and prospective clientele, as opposed to keeping my email a secret and hiding behind a help desk.

I just got an email and while I was writing a response I decided to turn it into an article I could share with all of you here on my Internet Marketing Blog.

It’s interesting to see the impact of some of the negative web sites, special reports and “anti-gurus” messages that had been floating around saying that making money from Adsense was dead and in general passing around negative energy.

Usually that type of approach is intended to be a marketing ploy and often tries to sell some kind of product or service. It’s great at getting attention but as you’ll see it is also effective at wiping out the dreams of many “could be” internet success stories.

My advice in general… avoid any bad news type stories.. do not focus on gloom and doom. Try to see the good in things and focus on the possibilities of success – not failure.

OK, so I will stop the feel good talk to get back to the email I got today from Michael who basically wanted to know if he could still be a success at the internet marketing game. The answer of course is yes, but read on.

Here is Michael’s message:

“I’d like to ask you, from your vantage point – seeing the membership of Article Underground – what’s the situation with Adsense earnings? There were some very interesting numbers in a video on your sales page about how much Adsense could generate after 6 months. Is this still realistic? There was so much talk the past 6-7 months about Adsense earnings dropping sharply (reports like Death of Adsense, Life after Adsense). It seems to me now that some of this stuff was overdone. I’d be interested in AU if Adsense is viable. Both, becoming a member and promoting it as an affiliate. I’d appreciate your thoughts.”

The reply is for all of you reading this blog article, not just Michael…

Whether or not you become a member of the Article Undeground Content and Traffic System or not, I hope I can convey to all of you that there are still an almost infinite amount of opportunities for success for businesses focused on making money from internet marketing.

“What’s the situation with Adsense earnings?”

The situation with making money from Adsense earnings is almost exactly the same as it was 1 year ago, with many minor slight differences. While it may be EXTREMELY different than 2 or 3 years ago, when it was the wild west and almost anyone with shitty junk web sites could make crazy money, opportunities basically remain the same as a year ago. >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

Linking and Diluted PageRank – the Problem and Solution

Do your URLS to your web sites have the www in the address? Or do they not have the www? Or do they have BOTH?

Do you have pages that are indexed with BOTH the www and without???

That is a Common Mistake that dilutes PageRank but can be solved with the Rewrite Rule which I will sahre with you.

As a web publisher it is our goal to get our web sites and web pages as much free exposure on the free search engines as we can. Top rankings on Google, MSN and Yahoo are what makes us the easy money.

This is accomplished by creating web sites with many real content pages and making sure that we have lots of high quality LINKS pointing at our home pages and inside pages – ideally with LINK TEXT that not only passes PageRank juice, but also establishes the reputations WE WANT for our pages.

How do you get PageRank??? PR is passed via links – both external and internal links will pass the magic juice. External come from other sites – internal links come from your own web pages on the same domain. YES – they both send PageRank! >>> Would you like the solution??? >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

LASIK Eye Surgery – minutes after

It’s Sunday afternoon… Well, I did that LASIK eye surgery thing the other day – 2 days ago on Friday.

It went well and I’m thrilled to be able to see better than 20/20 without my glasses or contact lenses. In fact the next morning I actually drove to my follow up “day after exam” all by myself without glasses! Now that’s cool!

In fact, the night of the surgery (Friday) I was so amazed that I could watch tv without glasses and it was so crisp and sharp!

If you’ve been on the fence and have been considering LASIK eye correction surgery, I say do it! I’ve been very happy with the whole experience and while I am still adjusting it is so cool to not have to wear contacts or glasses!

Here is a picture of me minutes after having them slice up my eyes and shave off the layers on my corneas!

Two Thums Up!

They stood me up and said “you’re all done”. Then walked me out of the operating room. I asked the nurse to sanp a pic with my digital camera. Be kind to me – I was on valium and could still smell the burning from the laser on my corneas! (continued – read more of this article…)

Secrets of Passive Income from Affiliate Programs

How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures

The secret to hands off passive income is based on recurring sales like subscription products and can make you a lot over time with little effort. When you sell recurring billed products you can earn money in addition to just the original transaction increasing your return on effort. I’ll show you how!

While it may be lucrative to make money with Adsense and PPC, it can also be profitable to promote the right affiliate products. Why not make money from both Adsense or Yahoo PPC ads and selling affiliate products you get a commission on???

I’ll show you how it works.

Most every product that is marketed has an affiliate program. Some are great! Some really suck!

In my humble opinion, the success of any product is dependant on the quality of it’s affiliate program.

For anyone with a product or service to sell, an affiliate program is like having a staff of sales people who go out and sell your stuff. Only that you do not need to pay them UNLESS they sell something!

What a brilliant concept! Why hire sales people when you can sell your products online with the aid of affiliate marketers???

OK, so what happens when you do not have your own product to sell???

SIMPLE: join an affiliate program and sell someone else’s product!
You’ll get commission for each sale!

The best kinds of affiliate program product sales involve recurring commissions, which means once you make a sale you continue to earn commissions month after month without any further work. That’s passive income! It’s the same concept as a salesperson and their client list. When the client buys they will get credit – but only if they’re on the list. Same with recurring commission on an affiliate program.

I’ll show you how easily you can do this affiliate marketing thing yourself and show you based on my personal experience. Get ready though – I have some eye opening info!

Whether you have a product yourself, or want to sell products, you’ll find this info helpful.

I have an affiliate program for my product The Article Underground Content and Traffic System and I owe a huge amount of the credit for my success to the great affiliates who along with me have struck a “win-win” partnership!

Article Underground Affiliate Program Details


Allow me to share some data on how much money has been earned by Article Undeground Affiliates.

In 2006 since opening in Mid February I have paid Article Underground affiliates over $227,000 in commissions. And 2007 is going strong!

The top 5 Article Underground Affiliate Marketing Partners and what they earned in 2006. Net commissions I have paid to them.
(not including bonuses)

1. $38,768. affiliate since February 2006

2. $35,087. affiliate since March 2006

3. $21,453. affiliate since March 2006

4. $21,346. affiliate since June 2006

5. $19,701. affiliate since August 2006

The above amounts do NOT include bonuses and all of them are still earning recurring commissions in 2007.

While not every affiliate marketer will earn those kinds of numbers with every product they promote, if you pick the right products to promote you will be ahead of the pack of those who are promoting lame products that have no appeal. (continued – read more of this article…)

Sharing the Secret of Success – taking action!

One of the main reasons I have created the Article Undergound Content and Traffic System is to interact with and help people find their way towards achieving success as an internet marketer.

One of the benefits of having a membership of 700 + motivated people is that it keeps me on my toes and allows me to have conversations with some great minds.

It’s also great to be able to get letters and unsolicited testimonials from people who have found my tips and secrets useful.

I’ve decided to spend some more time publishing some of the emails I get that are relevant to internet marketing and discuss here on the blog.

Today I got 2 interesting emails back to back – they were contrasting in a big way.

The first was from a member who just had that magic moment and had an epiphony seeing how he was on the right track. Another email was from a member who admitted he had not done anything despite having been a member for 5 months.

Those 2 extremes show us how each person uses and processes information in different ways.

One of them was looking for the answer and found it in one of my videos. The other obviously did not make the connection and got distracted. In fact that 2nd person admitted he had bought just about every marketing course out there and had not done a thing with his AU membership.

I sent him a copy of this letter which I had received just minutes before his.

Here it is:

Thank you for the personal interest.
The recent “essential videos for members only? newsletter you sent really opened my eyes. Until I watched the two videos I couldn’t see the benefit of tracking, or how to use the information to advance my web success.
After watching the videos I’ve seen that I’ve been more successful now than I first thought. Since last week I’ve invested in Adsense Tracker and am now recording good results; results that I can tweak to get even better results.
I can now see it’s just a matter of time and tweaking that will get me to the success level I want to be at. Thanks Mike for sharing the secrets.
Those videos were a real breakthrough moment for me.

That was an unsolicited email sent by Joe and reprinted with his permission. It’s unedited. (continued – read more of this article…)

Online Tool to see PageRank on Your Backlinks

It’s important to get high quality links pointing at our web pages.

Wouldn’t it be great to quickly at a glance see what the PageRank is of sites that link to our sites and/or pages?

Well, there are a few options to find out this kind of info. Some are online and some are applications.

I just found a new way to check PR of links online thanks to Marcus Westerberg – I ran across this great tool called Backlink Checker 

Give it a try and see who is linking to this blog:


Very cool!

The old way is to do your search on


(continued – read more of this article…)