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Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool Bites the Big One

Yes, it’s true.

You’ve most likely heard the buzz about a legendary keyword tool and it’s demise… yes it’s true… the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is now toast.


That URL is currently not in service and most likely will not return any time soon, at least not in it’s recent form.

But there is no need to panic! Sure it was a great reliable free way to do keyword research, but this is a great time to tell you that there is a much better alternative and while it is not free it is really cheap… NO – I am not referring to Wordtracker…

>>> link >>> NicheBot V2

I am referring to the mighty NicheBot v2 with it’s excellent WordTrend suite of keyword tools.

If you have $1. handy you can preview this killer suite of keyword research tools and see what you’ve been missing.

NicheBot v2 is the bomb! (continued – read more of this article…)

Canon takes yet Another Step Backwards

I am very frustrated and do not know who to reach out for help and understanding, but maybe someone at Canon will see my point and pass this along to someone who cares about customers getting what they expect when they UPGRADE and buy new cameras.

Right now I own 3 Canon cameras. The older Powershot A95, the EOS 20d and the recently released Canon A620.

I have been very happy with the older Canon A95 and also the EOS 20d which I also own and use professionally.

When I saw the new compact model Powershot A620 with vari-angle LCD and saw it’s improvements I bought it.

I have been very disappointed.

In many ways it is a better camera than the A95 with better resolution and a longer optical zoom, but in use it takes many more blurry and shaky pictures than the A95 or EOS 20d.

This is because for some odd reason Canon has removed the sports action setting (on the dial).

They’ve relaced it with a bunch of silly color settings but the camera now has less settings on the dial than the older A95 model. (continued – read more of this article…)

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An Article Underground membership delivers more than simply great keyword optimized article content for your web sites. AU members are getting some of the best backlinks available to their web sites and deep inside pages! And it could not be easier! (continued – read more of this article…)

Relevance Rules! More Powerful than PageRank?

Relevance Rules!

But is Relevance more powerful than PageRank?

Linking your articles properly on your own web site can make the difference between getting a good amount of traffic and getting jumbo sized boat loads of traffic from top rankings for all kinds of keywords, even the more competitive ones! 


I was recently asked by an Article Underground member how they can organize their sites so that visitors can find all the articles.

The first suggestion was proper use of CATEGORY MENU PAGES and proper use of article excerpts.

But does linking for a visitor and linking for a search engine have the same requirements?

Yes… more than you’d think! 

This prompted further discussion on what kinds of text links are the best.

It made me realize once again that while PageRank is important and will help a page get top rankings, what is perhaps even more important than that is the surrounding text and relevance of the words on the linking page.

Google rewards for RELEVANCE!

It makes sense! Links from pages with the same/similar keywords should be counted as MORE RELEVANT links than a say an unrelated link for a TACO RECIPE coming from an ANTI-SPYWARE site.

Yes, it makes sense!

You can use this to help you organize your site so your visitors have a better experience with the bonus effect of showing Google that your linked pages are RELEVANT and deserve top rankings because if the linking page’s REPUTATION.

Ahhh…. yes, the text link and the relevance of the page that is linking it… it is the SECRET WEAPON I have been telling you guys about it for some time. (continued – read more of this article…)

How many links can you put on ONE web page???

How many links can you put on ONE web page??? 

This question just came up in a discussion in the Article Underground Members Forum and I thought it’d be nice to share with you guys too.

The AUKDAT tool aka Keyword Density Analyzer , does a lot more than just tell you density of text.

One of the things AUKDAT does is give warnings on content and tag data. One such warning is when it analyzes a page that has MANY LINKS… TOO MANY LINKS…

This warning is just a friendly one, it is not based on science or fact.

So, when asked by an AU member if they should worry about their web pages having TOO MANY LINKS it made me think about it and suggest the following thoughts.

It has been generally accepted that web pages with more than 100 LINKS on it would piss off the search engines and cause a penalty.

This is NOT necessarily true as I have seen many sites that have MANY more LINKS than this that get high PageRank and enjoy top rankings.

BUT remember that one common thing most spammer sites employ is EXCESSIVE LINKING – both internal and external.

So your page CAN contain lots of links provided they are presented nicely and have a positive benefit for your visitors.

Too many links on any page will dillute the PageRank, which may or may not harm the web page… >>> (continued – read more of this article…)

Most Expensive Zip Codes and Real Estate 2006

Newport Beach in the Most Expensive ZIP Codes 2006 – California dominates.

Forbes has long been recognized for it’s lists… this one is about the highest median priced homes by zip code.

Real Estate values have gone sky high expensive in some places. I was recently told by a neighbor here in Newport Beach that we had the most expensive real estate per square foot in the USA… Being the curious type I decided to snoop around and see if that claim was true.

While I have not yet found info with COST PER SQUARE FOOT I did find Newport Beach, California and it’s 2 zip codes to be in the top ten (#3 and #9) Believe it or not Beverly Hills did not even make the top 10, coming in at #22.

So what does all this mean? Well, if you live in one of those places it confirms why we love where we live and points out the demand is high and others too feel that way.

If you don’t live in one of those top zip codes, well, I suspect you may be thinking how crazy we are to live somewhere that expensive. But hey, it’s all about supply and demand and it’s clear that 2 states dominate.

California has 13 top zip codes

New York has 8 zip codes

New Jersey has 2

Nevada 1 

Florida 1

Full article is at: Forbes.com

Rank  ZIP Code  Location  County  State  2005 Median Sale Price ($) 
1  11962  Sagaponack  Suffolk  NY  2,787,500 
2  92067  Rancho Santa Fe  San Diego  CA  2,445,000 
3  92662  Newport Beach  Orange  CA  2,397,500 
4  94528  Diablo  Contra Costa  CA  2,266,000 
5  94957  Ross  Marin  CA  2,247,500 
6  11976  Water Mill  Suffolk  NY  2,150,000 
7  93108  Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara  CA  2,050,000 
8  90402  Santa Monica  Los Angeles  CA  2,005,000 
9  92661  Newport Beach  Orange  CA  1,996,500 
10  33109  Miami Beach  Miami-Dade  FL  1,942,500 

(continued – read more of this article…)

What does Google have to say about duplicate content?

What does Google have to say about duplicate content?

Ooops… I should not have repeated/duplicated the title… hope they don’t penalize this blog!

Happy New Year! Wow! It’s 2007!

OK, so I have been doing a good amount of research recently on Google and Duplicate Content.

It appears that they finally have addressed the issue publicly and their policies have been quietly unveiled.

If you would like to read more and get in on the conversation, please visit the AU Members Private Forum and discuss it with us!

We’d love to hear what you think!

So far I just created 3 posts on this topic.

1. My conclusion about how “boilerplate repetition” as Google puts it, may be the reason some of my pages have been delegated to “supplemental status”.

Uh oh! Templates and blocks of text repeated throughout a site may be hurting us! Are you using disclaimers or privacy policies in your template? Or maybe have repeating tips and or resources??? That may just trip an alarm!

“Minimize boilerplate repetition: For instance, instead of including lengthy copyright text on the bottom of every page, include a very brief summary and then link to a page with more details.”

Wow… that made a light bulb go off…

“bolierplate repetition”

OK, this could be a problem for us… Google appears to be cracking down on the use of ‘boilerplate repetition” and cookie cutter premade sites and templates in general – especially ones that have footprints… ie easily identifiable sections of code/text that may have been used by “abusers”.

So if they find a SPAMMER who had pages that they penalized and/or banned a site and they noted an identifier such as < -- insert your spam content or article content here --> they can use that to find other spammers.

That’s a footprint. Any repeating block of text or code is. That includes HTML code. (continued – read more of this article…)

What should I do – set up new DAW Digital Audio Workstation?

Dear Ann Landers,

Hey I need some help!

To make a long story short, I pretty much gave up music making and composing songs for the past 2 years as I focused on creating success and wealth with my internet marketing projects.

Well the good news is I am doing very well with my business! Now I need to play a little more and do more of the things I love! Music creation is one of those things!

So, one of the things at the top of my list is getting back into digital recording and creating my own new original music (and also sound design – creating loops and noises and such).

I still have all my music gear, software synths and midi audio stuff, but it’s time to build a new recording set up from scratch that refelects the state of the art.

So here I am all confused.

I need help from someone who can clear up a lot of confusion on the state of midi, PC audio, Pro Tools and non-pro tools systems and what is the best way to go.
Budget is not a problem, I just want something smart and that will fit in with my way of doing things. I am not trying to save money or be cheap. I really want the best for my situation, not the best money can buy…

Before I slowed down 2 years ago I was using a PC with the MOTU 24i on Cubase with practically every VST software synth instrument and effects plugin available (I was doing product reviews for Beat Mode and as such got practically every piece of music software to review (NFR). Some of that stuff needs upgrading and there is a lot of new stuff I want. (continued – read more of this article…)