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Imagining Your Success and Making It Happen!

December 26th, 2006

Imagining your way to Success!

How committed are you to your own success? Are you willing to work on it with enthusiasm? Are you willing to spend a good amount of your time thinking and exploring the depths of your mind to find out and decide what you really want and desire?

I’m not talking about hours of meditation or chanting, but rather asking you to take some time to visualize yourself with the things that you want.

Do you know what you want? Not what other people want for you – but rather what you REALLLLLY want for yourself! If you leave it up to others to decide what is best for you – well, you’re much less likely to get something that will make you happy.

Hey – think about it… did you have a Christmas or Birthday list so others could give you gifts you really wanted, or did you leave it up to them and allow them to give you fruitcakes and socks and ties and underwear or maybe even re-gifting things they received and did not want so they they gave then to you…. There is no question – if you ask for something you are more likely to get what you want… if you don’t ask then you’ll end up with a Chia pet… or something you do not want.

< Sorry – it’s Christmas time and the gift thing sounded appropriate!>

Create your own destiny. Ask for what you want!

Do you know where you want to be professionally 1 month from now? 6 months from now? A year from now?

Are you planning your own destiny or just punching in and out with your “time card??
If you want, there is a world of wealth and happiness waiting for you. If you believe you are deserving and capable to do the “right things?, success may be closer than you realize.

Think positive and you can reap the benefits of your good thoughts. Is that too warm and fuzzy for you??? Yes, it may sound a bit hokey and new agey, but thinking good thoughts and positive thinking works! Your thoughts are directly tied in to your actions and ACTION EQUALS RESULTS. (continued – read more of this article…)

Are You Getting the Most From Christmas Holiday Traffic?

Getting the Most From Christmas Holiday Traffic

Make more money this holiday season! It’s easier than you may think!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The annual Christmas holiday season is here and things are getting pretty crazy.

Where I live, in Newport Beach, California, USA, it is getting pretty difficult to go out and do even the most basic of things.

Everyplace is so crowded. That can be fun, but it also makes everything take so much longer than it should. It’s no wonder more and more people are shopping online! Shopping can be a hassle at the mall!

But time is running out! It’s the last few days that you can order online gifts and expect that they arrive in time for Christmas.

Actually it is pretty risky at this point, as today is Monday and we only have 4 more “business days” before Christmas weekend is here (Christmas falls on Monday December 25). (continued – read more of this article…)