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Have the TV Networks LOST their minds???

ABC has lost it’s mind! So has Fox. And HBO and Showtime have long been LOST.

I need to rant for a moment and share my feelings with someone else about how a new tv phenomenom seems to be sneaking into the mainstream.

First, LOST on ABC comes barreling into our lives with a kick ass 3rd season. The show is as good as ever. But before I can even get used to be wacthing it every Wednesday I hear that the mid season finale is coming! WHAT?

Yes, LOST on ABC was on for maybe 6 or 8 weeks and they are pimping the hell out of their fall season finale. Geez! That’s insane!

So that means that ONCE AGAIN ABC has alienated fans who really get into the show and is taking away their candy. I’m rally miffed at why they would do that.

In Internet Marketing I have learned that MOMENTUM is the key to moving upwards and forwards. But apparently TV is more scracity driven. Give as little as you can.

The same has happened several times on CABLE NETWORKS such as HBO and Showtime whom are notorious for signing new tv series for MINI Contracts. Entourage is a classic example. So is Da Ali G show.

6 episodes in their debut seasons. Huh? For real?

That’s crazy! Why not milk a good thing? Give the people what they want.

That’s more like a mini series than a regular TV SHOW series.

And now, last night as I was watching the excellent Prison Break on Fox TV, the same thing happened. They started pimping the end of the season finale and the return in February of 2007.

I just don’t get it.

Why can’t they skip a week or 2 if they must – why take the show off for 2 or 3 months?

Is it just me or are the tv networks doing some stupid programming???

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