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Article Underground Openings & File Names for October

2 days ago on the 16th – Article Underground members were treated to 3 all new sets of 400 articles. Each existing member gets their choice from among 3 sets of 400 articles every month on the 16th. Now – how’s that for having a choice!

Look below for th file names from the 3 sets… wicked!

Also, right now AU has a very limited number of openings.

If you have been considering a membership to the Article Undergrund Content & Traffic System – now is your chance! Stop by the site – subscribe to my newsletter and join if you want to be a part of the membership!

Here are the 1,200 file names for the 3 sets of articles available now to AU members!

0 apr credit cards 03.txt
0 on balance transfers 03.txt
0 percent balance transfers 34.txt
1000 count sheets 16.txt
12 volt heaters 14.txt
50th anniversary gift 34.txt

(continued – read more of this article…)