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Knowledge is Power – Properly Evaluate Your Success and Progress

Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you to read a book… but I will try to convey how KNOWLEDGE as in STATS can help you do magical things with little effort. 

This is a followup to the previous post – Analyze your way to the top. There were some great comments and questions so i thought a new post woud be a great way to answer and address them! So here it goes!

Chris said “I think this is something we all need to remember is to stay focussed and give your content sites enough time to see the outcome. Then by using a tracker you can make the necessary changes to revenue.”

I agree that people need to be more patient when they start a new business such as web publishing and internet marketing. If you really want something, such as a new career where you can work at home in your pajamas by publishing articles on web sites, you need to WANT IT BAD and you need to do the right things.

Taking it a step further you need to be MOTIVATED. Really want it bad. So bad you’ll do whatever it takes to be successful YOu need to want success so much that’ll you’ll take every failure as experience and USE IT to bring you one step closer to success!

Sorry, but that motivational mumbo jumbo really can help you achieve success faster. Resist it at your own risk!

So, simply putting up a web site with a few pages and sitting back and waiting is not ENOUGH. At least it is not enough IF you really want this bad enough.

Nor is building an INSTANT 1,000 page article directory site and waiting.

The real winners and super successful people put love and care into their web sites and web pages. They massage their way to the top!

It’s not mandatory to do the extra steps and work, but it does help.

I am looking for a good way to properly explain the “wait for 30 days” thing so that it is better conveyed. I often say – give it at least 30 days before you look at what you’re doing and ask if it is successful. Sure – you may get traffic and clicks sooner, but a new site and new pages need time to properly MATURE.

It’s not 30 days from the day you joined Article Undergound, or 30 days from the day you put up your first home page or article page.

More appropriate would be 30 days since you put up a “significant number of pages”. More appropriate would be 30 days from the point you hit 10 or 20 or 50 pages indexed by Google.

If you put up 1 page on July 1st and 20 pages on July 28th, it wouldn’t be fair to expect results on August 1st (30 days from your first page). August 28th would be more like it.

In order to properly evaluate your statistics and success you need to have ENOUGH data to analyze. Putting up 1 page or 5 pages or even 15 pages really isn’t enough.

You need to build consistently for a month and then start looking at what is happening.

Are people visiting? How many? Are people clicking? How many?

And then more importantly you need to ask WHY and find answers.

Why are they visiting my web site? What pages are they coming to? Why are they coming to those pages? Can I get MORE people to come to those pages???

If you don’t care enough to ask those questions, then you may not really want success bad enough.

And if you only put up one domain – that’s a shot in the dark.

Maybe the ONE domain is a dud and has been BANNED or had a terribly spammy previous life… maybe the domain has stink on it that simply can’t be washed off… the point is WHY take a chance that ONE DOMAIN will do it???

You don’t need 20 or 50 or 100 domains… but ONE simply is not enough. Not if you are serious and motivated to succeed.

So, how do you analyze your success???

You need to have ENOUGH content that has been indexed by the search engines. So let’s just use a number – like 30 pages. I think that’s the minimum number of pages that should be indexed on a site for you to get any decent stats you can analyze. Ideally 50 pages.

When you have that many pages you’ll see which ones “click” and which ones don’t.

The idea is to take the ones that “click” and make them CLICK MORE!

It can be done with 5 but you’ll have more opportunities when you have more pages to analyze.

It’s far easier to take a page that is already getting free search engine traffic and make that PAGE better than to blindly just add pages and cross your fingers they’ll hit it big.

So, you buy a domain (hopefully you’ll buy at least 5 or have 5 sites to start with – 1 or 2 sites isn’t really a fair testing ground). But let’s assume you only have 1 domain.

Once your domain gets indexed – put up new pages regularly and start analyzing your stats. Look to see WHERE people are coming from.

Are they coming from search engines??? Which ones and why???

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


Jerry asked:

“I was wondering what other tools you might recommend to track site statistics? Have you evaluated other software beside AdsenseGold? Have you looked at statcounter.com?”

I better give you a short answer because I have been doing this over 10 years and stats have been a big part of my business from the beginning.

Before Adsense (3 or 4 years ago) I would just simply rely on the stats my server was giving me. More recently since discovering Astracker from AdsenseGold (which is MADE to be used to track Adsense clicks and Yahoo Publisher stats) I know far more than I ever did in the past. And in this case KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

The problem with Astracker is that it only works on pages that Adsense or Yahoo code on them. It will not analyze pages without the ads.

So, if I have a site without adsense that I’d like to study, I will use my server stats (I had them modified for me) and/or statcounter.com which is good in a pinch.

However, if you have adsense or yahoo ads on your pages, there really is no substitute for a stats program such as Astracker (Adsense Gold). I haven’t tried the others because AdsenseGold does everything I need it to and more.

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


What are the stats you should be looking at?

Well, my friend bought AdsenseGold on my suggestion and when I asked him about it he said “it’s ok” and that he uses it. But I didn’t sense the excitement that usually comes from seeing where your traffic comes from so I pushed him and asked what he saw in his stats. He said he looked at the keywords.

OK, I said… that’s nice, but that is not enough. That is the same data a regular stats program will give you. It’s too broad and general to be really useful.

To me – there have always been 2 things that have been the most important.

1. Which pages are getting traffic

2. Where do the pages get traffic from (the referrer).

Now, most stats programs (statcounter excepted) will onloy tello you the domain they  come from. That’s not enough.

I want to know what ExACT URL sent people to WHICH PAGE on my site. AdsenseTracker does that.

It will show you every URL that had YOUR PAGES linked on it. It will also show you WHICH PAGES of yours GOT THE Adsense clicks and where they came from.


They show you actual QUERY STRINGS/URLs such as the above.

My site is  TV ROBOT

And that’s what will tell you WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT and I use that info to make what I am DOING RIGHT even BETTER!

In the above example my page is ranking #5 on MSN for:

“season premieres” 2006 tv

What that tells me is that without any effort on my part, this brand new site (a week or so old) is already indexed and is #5 for that phrase – no big deal in itself, but enough peple have veisited me because of that and they have clicked on my adsense ads.

So that is valuable! Invaluable information!

So now I know that season premieres is attracting people to my site oand that page specifically.

I can now build more external text links using the words to get me higher rankings and maybe even put me on the map at Google and Yahoo in addition.

That is just ONE URL that AdsenseTracker has shown me.

The reports will show you OPPORTUNITIES.

In the case of my friend, after we both looked at hos stats together – he kept going “Wow! I had no idea!” OVER and OVER again.

His excitement was overwhelming. Because just a few minutes earlier he told me it was going “OK” and now he was excited with the possibiliteis.

Why? What had changed?

NOTHING CHANGED except he now saw firsthand that Google had him ranked for hundreds of phrases. As did MSN and Yahoo. He now saw the exact words and where he ranked on the search engines.

And the power is in taking 7, 8 or 9th position rankings and pushing them UP to number 2 or #1. If you get traffic from being LOWER on the page, imagine what you’ll get being at the TOP! 

Ian said “One reason that maybe a lot of people don’t start analysing their stats and acting on them is probable that they don’t understand what they are telling them. In my experience people are afraid of what they don’t understand and therefore it gets pushed to the back of their minds. So maybe a video on analysing stats or should I say more simple “what are they telling me? and how to put this information into practice would be of some use.
Also maybe in the video you could mention what good stats should include. I notice you mention Adsense analyser is this different than other stats because I for one have no idea.
My son and I have a godaddy hosting account (unlimited domains)This has stats enabled which are analog 5.1 (www.analog.cx) with report magic. We looked at the stats this morning but we do not understand what they are telling us and I don’t consider myself slow in understanding technical matters. Or is it that other stats programs tell a different story:-)”

YES! right on! So true! Stats can be overwhelming! But it’s like anything. You need to start at the beginning. Have a poke around. See what is what.

The problem I beleive is that the Analog and regular server stats in themselves do NOT show you enough. You don’t see naything that will give you that AHA moment. Regular server stats suck!

AdsenseGold and Astracker will help!


I plan on doing a video covering AdsenseTracker – part of Adsense Gold and will hopefully make it easy to find ways to take STATS and use them to EXPLODE your earnings. That will be coming soon!



Analyze Your Way to the Top!

Get More Traffic – Analyze Your Stats and Get More Top Rankings!

A friend of mine has been doing the AU thing in his spare time for 2 months (newbie) and I asked him how he was doing. He said ok, but he said he wasn’t getting as much traffic as he thought considering how many pages he put up.He had two sites – 1 was a mish mash directory type site and the other a cute little tighter themed fashion site with a nice look and good organization. 

I asked him to show me his Astracker stats (AdsenseGold) and we walked through all the clicks he was getting and where they came from and he must of had 1,000 top rankings for his 75 or so pages on that one site. 

 That site was all stock unmodified AU articles. I showed him how to use his click stats from Astracker to get his rankings higher.

He had no idea he had so many top rankings and it was an eye opening experience to see where the traffic and clicks were coming from.

After looking at the stats he had a whole new perspective and felt like he had made some accomplishments and was on the right track.

Are you on the right track?

Do you study your stats to see where the traffic to your web site is coming from?

Your statistics present you with the most valuable information anywhere on earth! More valuable than my top tips! More profitable than any gurus best advice… Your stats can help you make what you have alreadyy done SO MUCH MORE successful! With very little effort!

The thing was, my friends site was cute looking and his site looked good but the pages were not optimized… he had bad titles, hardly any external text links (much of it WRONG) and still was getting decent traffic with that 1 site (the other site was just not happening).

Another reason to never expect 1 site to be a proper adequate testing ground.

I told my friend that for the length of time his pages were indexed it was actually good traffic and very encouraging to see how many keywords that the search engines were ranking him on… and this was on a PageRank 0 site! It was so new it didn’t even have PageRank yet it was all over Google.

I guess the moral to this story is that you sometimes have to take a step back to see where you are really at. In this case my friend was making decent money, decent traffic and had excellent reputation developing with Google. And he didn’t even do anything such as link campaigns to let them know what his pages were about.

Just a few strategic changes such as adding secondary words to his TITLES + finding words that are raning and adding more occurances to the pages, plus making text links for those phrases in the blogs, could mean the difference between his getting good traffic and turning that one site into a monster!

Funny but people, even smart people like my friend expect everything to just happen for them with no thought or input as to the direction they will go…. and the fact of the matter is without doing anything other than building sites with Article Undeground articles in xsitepro and linking a few in the blogs he already is getting what I consider dynamite traffic and decent click money for a new site with NO PAGEARNK!

A perfect stepping stone to a lucrative career in web publishing if he could multiply what he has already done. Why not make more sites like that?

We analayzed his stats and I showed him a few examples of how to take it to the next level and now he is thrilled and so excited. He never realized that Google alone had him ranking on 200 + search queries.

So, with my friends permission I soon hope to make a video documenting what he has done so far and ofering suggestions on how to take it to the next level. That will be coming soon for Article Underground members.

The question of the hour is how do I help communicate to people who only want to do the simple things with minimal effort and brain power many of whom only want to push a button and make instant money, that if they spend just a little brain power analyzing their stats that they can really push it to the extreme???

I need to think about that a little! That is my challenge! Alot of people get it – but I need to pass on the kool aid so it snaps into gear with more folks!

As I have said before and my friend has helped illustrate “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

What he considered OK is now exciting and full of potential. All you have to do sometimes is look for the silver lining!

OK, if you don’t have stats you better RUN to this page and buy it now. Time is of the essence. The sooner you install it and tack your stats the faster you’ll info to double and triple your earnings agian and again!



Power of Statistics Part 1 – In this video I show how stats will help you make more money. How to get more top rankings by improving what you already have got going for you. Web stats will show you the keyword phrases that are already bringing your web site visitors.


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Just in case you haven’t signed up yet for the newsletter and 2 FREE PDF Special Reports – 1. Words = Money 2. Ban Proof Your Web Sites – I thought I’d entice you by reminding you of all the free videos you’ll be seeing…

Free videos??? Yes! As an Article Marketing Newsletter subcriber I will regularly send you links to special videos I have recorded in addition to the huge 3 hour plus libray of multimedia included with “words = Money”!

Here is a video I just notified subscribers of on Sunday. It’s pretty cool!

New exclusive video on “Your First 5 Sites”By popular demand I have created a new 30 minute video showing my suggestions for how to start your future as a web publisher! I’ve often been asked “how many domains” “what host do I use” and “which HTML editor is best” so I broke down and decided to do a comprehensive beginners video where I walk you through getting started with 5 domains.* how to quickly brainstorm and select the best domain names

* how to get hosting quick and easy

* how to set up your first pages and get them indexed fast by Google!

While the video is specially made for beginners, even the pros out there may discover a secret nugget or two as I reveal my personal strategies and methods.

“Your First 5 Sites” is available at the “Words = Money” Multimedia Library page:


It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:

It’s 34 minutes long and is intended to help beginners get a handle on how to get their first sites up and running.If you haven’t yet subscribed you can register at:Article Marketing News

Article Underground is Selling Out!

Article Underground is Selling Out???

Yes, as in it will be SOLD OUT very soon!

Man, I can’t thank all you guys enough for trusting in me and the Article Underground Content & traffic System!

We are now up to over 1,041 current members with just a handful of spots available!

Thanks to everyone for helping me promote it and most of all thanks to everyone who has become a member! You have my pledge that I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a great experience and get everything you expect from the membership and more!

Happy article marketing!


Mike Liebner

NOTE: AU Phase 3 has re-opened – visit Article Underground

Phase Three File Names – Article Underground Articles

I get a lot of questions from people asking about the articles and what they are about.

While I can tell you in a nutshell that they are about KEYWORDS that will very likely get you a lot of free search engne traffic, nothing does justice like listing the file names!

Here are the NAMES of the Phase 3 set being offered to new members right now!

400 articles August 1, 2006

12 step program 19.txt                           
1 month pregnant 15.txt  
about seashells 04.txt                       
accent lighting 22.txt                           
accommodation in england 04.txt                  
accordion 04.txt                                 
activated carbon 16.txt                          
address lookup 15.txt                            
adidas track jacket 04.txt                       
a digital camera 15.txt          

(continued – read more of this article…)

Is there such a thing as too much competition???

Is there such a thing as too much competition???

That’s a loaded question! Sometimes YES – sometimes NO!

I just got an email from a nice man that basically asked:

If Google shows 12, 14 or 27 million pages competiting for the keywords isn’t it impossible for me to compete with that many pages???

How SMALL should the number of other competing web pages be in order for me to get top rankings with reasonable time and effort???

Personally, I do not get caught up in how much competition there is for the most part… Granted I do keyword research which helps me find the easier words to rank on and make money with, but I do not ever look at how many PAGES are listed on Google and say THAT’s TOO MANY!

Several people have asked me this. For some reason there are folks out there that are afraid to spend time going after keyword phrases that have LOTS OF PAGES out there.

I’m not! And you shouldn’t be either!

This is what I wrote back to the nice man hoping to get his spirit up and his battle mode kicked into high gear!

Is there such a thing as an “impossibility” for ranking due to too much competition???


“Impossibility”???? Why would you think that???

If I followed that logic I’d never try to do anything that had a big payoff.

Do you want SCRAPS or a big RETURN???

My site is # 82 on Google for boots which has 122,000,000 competing pages.


Should I just give up and roll over because there are too many pages for boots???  

If that were a factor I’d have no chance to get to #82 with 122 million pages as my competition.

OK, someone out there is going “82 – big deal! Who cares!”

82 is actually a big accomplishment for a popular one word phrase… it gets trafffic! Even on the 8th page of Google it gets traffic and makes Adsense clicks!But ok, let’s get more real… 8th page isn’t worth bragging about…

My site is #9 for the term

reality tv

There are 170,000,000 other pages with reality tv on them

Should I have given up and not try to rank for reality tv with 170 million other pages as competition??? And it didn’t take much time or effort! Don’t get me wrong – I did spend some time and I did earn that #9 spot, but in the scheme of things I didn’t spend a LOT of time. It happened because I earned it!My site has the right words on it! My site has the right links pointing at it!Here is another one:

One of the AU blogs ranks # 1 for announced articles

#1 with 195,000,000 other pages – that’s 195 million competing pages

OK, here is a brand new site. No more than a month or two old. 

#1 for

article marketing news

I’m number 1 with 321,000,000 other competing pages.

That’s a relatively new site too and 321 million is obscene.SO WHAT! 321 million pages… is that too much to compete with???

And those are all ranked without quotes which is harder than ranking with quotes (exact search).

If you believe you deserve the results you desire – it’s really pretty attainable!

Not every time… but often enough!

How about this one!#1 for

news events media

That’s another AU blog

I’ve personally got hundreds, maybe even thousands of web pages with top rankings on words that you may say have too much competition.

**by the way – rankings go up and down – sometimes on a daily basis*

So how do I do it??? The same way I tell you guys to do it.

Build Pages! Get links!

You need to get past the DOUBT phase and start DOING.You can second guess me and doubt if the keywords are worth going after… sure – that’s an option… but you have got to belive in someone!

My keyword research may not be perfect, but I do believe it’s the best you can find!

So, the moral to this story is –

Don’t worry about your competition –

worry about what YOU ARE DOING and just do it the best you can!     

When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change!

Thanks to all of you for all the great questions. I understand how you guys feel.

Part of the secret to success, at least for me, is to think POSITIVE!

May I please ask you guys to consider a quote by the great Wayne Dyer.

“When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.”

I’d like to ask you guys to consider all the wonderful possibilities that 400 keyword stuffed articles would provide a member.

On the surface it may seem like 350 people will use the articles exactly the same way, however a big part of the Article Underground membership is showing and encouraging members how to use the articles to build tightly themed sites of all shapes and sizes by hand.  I encourage members to add unique twists and make their web sites BETTER than the others out there!

There are a number of forum posts and videos for members showing how to make the articles “your own” by adding additional keywords, custom templates, resources, links, extra H1 tags and even breaking up the articles and much much more.

I could talk for an hour about this, but a short simple concise answer is that while a few members may submit the articles to directories (which they are encouraged to do ONLY if they modify the articles by the way), the majority of members use the articles as part of the ‘content toolbox”, not so much for submitting to directories.

If they do, they must modify the article significantly.

I like to think of the 400 articles as a “toolkit for SEOE’s (Search engine Optimization Experts)” that enable us to build web sites and pages about words that have been researched to get traffic and make money. (continued – read more of this article…)

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend

Duplicate Content is an Urban Legend… kinda!

Do you have web pages that are IDENTICAL to other pages on the web??? Identical as in EXACT???

I hope not! IDENTICAL is NOT GOOD!

OK, I have had many conversations with some of the top people in the business of internet marketing and we have come to some conclusions about why “duplicate content” is an overblown concern that just has too many implications to answer with a yes or no or black or white answer.

First off – everybody has a different idea in their head when they ask about it…

When people ask me about duplicate content they usually frame it in questions such as:

“Your system sounds great BUT how can 350 people all rank #1 with the same article?”


“Won’t Google penalize me if I have duplicate content on my site”


“If everybody else is using the same articles as me won’t I get penalized for duplicate content???”

The short answer is NO! NO! NO NO NO!

And I will elaborate on this so we can get some things clear.

DUPLICATE CONTENT should be a concern if you are STEALING an exact web page or article that you do not own.

In that case the copyright owner can ask Google to remove you from their index and they will. Not because it is a duplicate, but because it is STOLEN CONTENT!

Look at the phrase “DUPLICATE CONTENT PENALTY” and tell me what that means to you???

Is there a penalty???

Will they ban you???

Well, if there is a penalty there should be a Google webmaster guideline somewhere that says something like “NEVER use any content that appears on another web page or we’ll hit you with a penalty or ban your ass.”

Whoaaaahhh…. he said “ass” Chuckle…

If that were the case all the big PR 7 – 8 and up newspaper web sites would be purged from Google’s index for using all the exact same syndicated articles! That’s just not going to happen!


The web is founded on the principal that people share good things… they share clip art, pictures, music and WORDS!

How many times have you seen a blog that will reprint a newspaper article or press release??? Are they getting banned???

The nature of the web lends itself to sharing.

So, if that is the case, why would Google penalize a site just because a web site has a page that may have some of the same words… did you notice how I said SOME of the same words???

SOME because almost every web page on the net has OTHER words than the ARTICLE it is publishing.

My point is that pages in real life are almost never EXACT DUPLICATES! They all have different templates, different author boxes and links, different bios, different navigation links, different advertisements… I mean c’mon! The pages should have some identity of their OWN other than just copying and pasting an article. That isn’t smart. Add something!

If you are so concerned about other web pages having the same articles – add your own twist! Tweak the pages! Add your own words to make the page your own!

It’s so easy!

Simply add an INTRODUCTION – a middle COMMENTARY – a SUMMARY or CONCLUSION in your own words!

Maybe even add an extra paragraph!

How about adding some personality to your pages and don’t just settle for copy and paste! It’s really easy! Add your own words and you will rise to the top!

OK, now that I got that out of the way… let me show you an EXAMPLE where DUPLICATE CONTENT can get you in trouble (maybe not a penalty or banned, but maybe points off…)

There is a trend among lazy webmasters out there to build these huge MONDO DIRECTORY sites that use articles from the PUBLICLY ABUSED article directories (such as goarticles.com etc.).

These webmasters have a program or use a script that simply takes the articles as they are and adds them to a web page. Usually their template is sparse at best, and usually has very few extra words other than category links… (NEAR Empty templates are not good – they leave footprints – especially when 100’s of other “button pushing” webmasters are making huge directories with the same sparse templates and publicly abused articles! Can you say FOOTPRINT? It’s like saying hey – look at me – I’m pushing a button too!)

Now this case is a problem… because the sites will have hundreds or even thousands of “me too pages” and they’ll all have many factors in COMMON – not just duplicate content.

Now, it isn’t really the CONTENT/ARTICLE that makes it so easy for Google to find these “machine generated sites” – it is the AUTHOR CREDIT BOX – ie BIO!

The AUTHOR CREDIT is required by the author of the article and may not be tampered with. It’s terms and conditions state that you can use the articles on your sites BUT you must leave the author box INTACT links and all.

So what happens???

Hundreds and even thousands of pages with the SAME WORDS all have the same IDENTICAL AUTHOR BOXES and same exact TEXT LINKS! Many of these text links even point at pages that are on domains banned by GOOGLE! (continued – read more of this article…)

Exploring Newport Beach with Milo

As you may already know, I live in Newport Beach, California.

Milo and I live here on the Peninsula, directly across from a one block stretch of beach on the harbor side. 

While I thought that Milo and I had walked almost every inch of the Peninsula in the year and a half that we have lived here, I was pleasantly suprised the other day.

Milo found a new beach

We took an unusually long walk along the ocean walkway and on the way back we crossed Balboa Blvd. and Milo dragged me towards the tennis courts.

He seemed to know where he wanted to go and took me past the little park where the children were playing and soon we were behind a bunch of governmental looking buildings.

I thought this area was off limits but we soon were on a long stretch of beach that actually butted up right next to a boatyard right next to the American Legion hall on 15th street.

I’d never seen it from this perspective but it was quiet and apparently a well kept secret.