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How many web sites should you have?

Q: Article Underground articles are diverse and cover many different keyword phrases, therefor how many web sites should one get to use all of the articles properly???

I get this question a lot! Or some variation of it! Usually people will ask – do I need 400 web sites to use each article? Or I only have 1 site and domains are expensive – how many will I need?First off – domains are NOT expensive! They are dirt cheap! $8.95 a year works out to 75 cents a month! If you can’t afford to spend 75 cents a month for fear you will not make that back – this is not the business for you my friend :’>

Monkeys can make 75 cents a month with a web site. Yes, I know there are other expenses like hosting (which is also dirt cheap) but lets keep things in perspective here – Interent Marketing is one of the easiest businesses to start with hardly any major expenses. Hosting and domain names add up to hardly anything. Try that with any other startup business!!!

Ok, well enough of that… I suggest you stop thinking in terms of buying a domain or hosting as a negative. It’s an investment for you to make back 100 times over what you invest. Maybe even 1,000 times over! The sky really is the limit, so please don’t start nickeling and diming. If that’s what you gotta do – maybe this is not the right business for you at this time. Save up a few bucks and come back when you feel it is less of a risk.

So, how many domains??? Only a few… really! How about 5??? That’d be $44.75 a year or $3.79 per month.

I guess I owe you guys a bit of an explanation so we can put things in the proper perspective!

I understand why you might think you’ll need a lot of web sites to use all of the articles from an Article Underground membership. After all 400 each month is an obscene amount of content! And some members even buy TWO memebrships so they can have access to all 800 articles! (continued – read more of this article…)

Are you SKEPTICAL or OPTIMISTIC? Open or Closed?

Is your mind OPEN? Or is your mind CLOSED to possibilities??? 

Anthony Robbins says that people are motivated by ONLY TWO THINGS

1. Desire for Pleasure 2. Fear of Pain

Which are you motivated by more???

Which is greater??? Your fear of PAIN or your DESIRE for PLEASURE???

Looks like Article Underground is keeping Neil Shearing’s bloggers busy! And ruffling some feathers!


What I don’t get (not just with Neil’s blog) is the huge level of skepticicsm about products with solutions to problems I see in blogs and in forums. There are so many haters out there!

>>>  If they’d only put some of that nasty energy to good use, they’d be sucessful themsleves!

I realize that not everything deserves optimism, but why not focus on the good and the potential in things?

Is it wrong to be successul and make money? Isn’t that what we all want?

People who recognize problems and provide solutions are HELPING our fellow web publishers, not stealing from them… there is a reason so many people pay money for HELP!

They recognize value and appreciate being enlightened! But there are always going to be people who just don’t get it. They see the problems that will surely happen to them instead of the benefits.

These people FEAR PAIN more than they DESIRE PLEASURE!

No course in the world is going to help people who can’t believe in themselves! I mean, some people seem so eager to shoot down anything without really thinking rationally about it.

I guess a lot of people have bought products and feel ripped off because they never used the products or maybe even the products sucked.

9 times out of ten – people simply buy something and never use it.

I’m guilty of that and I bet you are too!

But I try to buy things with a more modest goal. I don’t expect products to change my life – I expect them to open up my eyes and help me think about things differently than I have before and help me with new ideas. If I can just have 1 or 2 really good ideas from buying a course or product – I am satisfied!

I say why not see the possibilities and potential in things instead of thinking negatively?

(continued – read more of this article…)

Q: How does a NOVICE like myself get started?

I was just asked this question:Q: How does a NOVICE like myself get started? 

1st: You have to ask your self a question:

How committed am I to starting a business as a web publisher?

If you ARE committed to this new career you will need to do whatever it takes to do the basic things that web publishers do.

That includes setting up a brand new domain on a server and creating web pages that people will actually see.

Article Underground is NOT intended for beginners BUT it does save beginners LOTS OF TIME!

The good news is that Article Underground does most all of the complicated and time consuming stuff for you so you can focus on building web pages and getting links.

If it’s important to you to learn this stuff, don’t worry – it’s actually very easy.

Get a web editing software program to build you web pages.

An application like Dreamweaver or Xsitepro is a good choice (or any a number of other HTML editors).

Just learn the software from the ground up. Spend a day or two following the excellent tutorials and documentation and you should learn all you need to know to get started. (continued – read more of this article…)