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Link Text – Another Secret Weapon Exposed

This is a linking tip that will get you MORE TOP RANKINGS on all of the search engines. It’s a neglected secret weapon that few webmasters use to full advantage.

Proper LINK TEXT can make or break you!

I just went and had a look at one of the Article Announcements blogs this morning and a NEW USER has posted announcements that cause the blog formatting to go haywire. I have found out from past experience whenever the sidebar of a blog disappears (same with forum) it is usually because of a long RUN ON WORD (with no spaces) or in this case a LONG URL as the LINK TEXT.

The problem was what I thought – someone used a URL as the link text – and a LONG URL at that! BOO BOO!

So I thought, what better time to drop a HOT TIP about LINK TEXT that will help make you more money.

I’ll keep this tip brief and to the point and then show you examples. LINK TEXT – what is it? It’s the WORDS you put in a HYPERLINK.Health Medicine MedicalThat above is a hyperlink with the LINK TEXT “Health Medicine Medical”

That is the right way to have your link include TEXT that will make you money. Those 3 words represent what the front page of that site is all about!

Common mistakes among newbies is to link with WORDS that have ZERO BENEFIT such as home, index, domain URL, next, full article here, click here, click for article, or in this example THE URL of the PAGE.

If you want to find out what words are on your page use the free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool – it will help you link to the RIGHT WORDS on your web pages!

That above LINK is a good example of using link text to control the rankings! That phrase is representative of what you will find at that URL! But unless there are LINKS that tell the search engines about the content, other pages will be above this one in the listings. (continued – read more of this article…)

Keep your eye on the prize!

Since I launched Article Underground back in February 2006 I have been getting a ton of emails from people who either downloaded the special report and have watched the videos, or simply people who have read the AU sales page or used the free content. Up until now I have answered each email personally, often with detailed responses.

Many of the emails are very complimentary and some are even “fan mail like”. That’s cool! Also most all of the emails indicate they are in agreement with my advice and suggestions, but every once in a while I will get an email that is more like a CHALLENGE to DUEL (gunfight) that says something like “you make a lot of sense BUT convince me why X and Y is _____.”

The other day I took one of these CHALLENGES and wrote up a little email which made me realize that there are so many products out there that do NOT deliver and so many guru people are just out to make a quick buck that there are a lot of people who despite being in agreement and being “sold” still need a personal invitation or acknowledgement.

In this particlular email the person was explaining how he was buying this program and that but thought he might need x and y and if I could tell him what else he needed before he signed up for Article Underground…

It made me realize how many people out there are information overload and have already bought solutions and still buying more products and info courses but at the risk of only fragmenting their efforts even more.

I took a somewhat stern approach and fortunately this guy got it and responded positively with many thanks…

Here is the response to his email. I thought it is worth sharing with you all.

“I realize that you do not know me and trust me yet. But you need to buy 1 product and stick with it. Too many things will distract you and stop you from focusing.

What I offer is a simple one stop solution that has everything you need to get started and maybe even for a long time.
Every extra thing you buy will steal time away from the simple process of putting words on web pages and getting links to them. Thats what makes $$$ (continued – read more of this article…)

Big List Builder – Cooperative List Building Effort

With the creation of Article Underground in February 2006 I came to the realization that building a customer and subscriber list is one of the most important elements to creating a successful web publishing empire!

I am now very fortuante to have a great customer list including members and opt-in subscribers for my free special report and newsletter “Ban Proofing Your Web Sites (and make long term money with article marketing)”.

Now that I have a wonderful and responsive list thanks to the forward thinking JV partners that have helped me achieve success, I would like to give back and help my friends, partners and new associates gain new subscribers. 

I’ve just created a new site – Big List Builder – and list building project with a ring of 4 supporting sites that will focus on bringing together internet marketers with sizable customer/subscriber lists whom desire to share some of their “leads” in exchange for an opportunity to gain new “leads” from the cooperative efforts in a list building project.

Boy, that’s a mouthful.

It’s really quite simple.

6 to 10 marketers partner in a “coop-offer” to give away a big batch of valuable products and prizes and in return get to share in the opt-in subscribers that take advantage of this offer!

The basic premise is outlined at the “project site” which is called Big List Builder. 4 satellite sites will present varying offers with different groups of partners.

If you would like to gain more subscribers and have some that you’d be willing to share, please visit the site and look over the presentation!

 More info at Big List Builder