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Digital Art & Painting With Light

Several people have commented on the photo backdrops I use for my videos. Thanks for the compliments! Yes, those are pictures I have taken and they are displayed as backgrounds on my PC desktop. I have a zip for ya so you TOO can display them on your computers!

While I am not a full-time “professional photographer” I have been at near pro status several times over the past years.

I recently committed to the art form and bought a Canon EOS 20d, my first Digital SLR. I just wish it wasn’t so darn large :’>

While I tend to dabble and haven’t committed to going after a full time pro career in photography, I still enjoy creating digital art and taking photographs.

One of my galleries is at

Digital Art Wallpaper Gallery

There is a zip of all the pics, ideal for using as a background on the PC.

I’ve shot several weddings and even a bar mitzfah, but I haven’t dived in and went after the candid photo scene.

I’ll put up a portfolio some day (you know what they say about “some day”, right)

WordPress Theme Tweaks

WordPress Theme Tweaks for Internet Marketing

As I learn more about using wordpress blogs I have been spending more time on tweaks to the themes. As far as SEO and Internet Marketing are concerned, most blog themes need some adjustments to make them search engine friendly. It’s not always fun but I must say I now have some bitchin’ modified themes to use whenever I set up a new WordPress blog for Internet Marketing purposes.

Usually I just upload the blog, try a few of the many availble themes and then I start tweaking away! Usually I figure things out by trial and error but I am sure there has to be a better way… but in the end it works and I have some nice blogs to show for it!

I just modified a free theme Wuhan and put my own little touches on it.

If you are really fond of it and wanna use it on one of your sites, simply drop me a line and ask for the Topica WordPress theme & I’ll send the theme to ya in a zip. Since I didn’t code it from the ground up I am not sure about whether I can freely distribute it, but hey, if my friends ask for it – what am I supposted to do??

I nabbed a great little feature and dropped it on the sidebar and that’s the “latest posts” command which I rarely see included in a theme, yet it is such an obvious choice, especially if you want a little SEO power in your blogs as it will show the latest 10 posts on each page of your site, instead of how the stock themes just show them on the front page. That means each category page (usally higher PageRank) and each individual pots page will now send a little love to the newest posts on your blog! Pretty cool, eeh?

Of course I also dumped the Blogroll thang and replaced it with my own “on the net” links which you can add by tweaking the sidebar.php file. Simply replace one of my links (or keep them there and add you own). (continued – read more of this article…)

Article Undergound is unique! The Secret’s In The Sauce!

The Article Underground content & traffic system is a big success! I’m thrilled that as of today over 440 forward thinking people have had enough faith to part with their hard earned cash and invest in my system! Thank you!

While it may be successful, from time to time I get emails from people asking questions. Sometimes even challenging me to a duel! I’ll share them with you when I have time. I do always welcome a good debate and enjoy when people ask me questions about the product and/or questions about SEO in general. It gives me a chance to crank up the ole brain and wrangle out some good ideas – often even inspiring me! Here is one that asked if I had articles about X and how many would they get each month in that niche.I deliver a system that does almost everything to get you traffic. All you need to do is personalize the articles and add your own touch. Members are already reporting top tens in all search engines with success stories posted in the forum.

Design articles…

I’ll say this – the keyword research I use is the best of it’s kind and unique to Aticle Underground.

I run hundreds of missions where I let the software run loose and IT TELLS ME which words should have articles about.

If design or acne or whatever is on the list – that is what I give to the 18 writers who each write from their own area of interest.

So what happens in general is that there are clusters of themes and niches… They aren’t truly random as they are found and filtered based on a startinbg point, but they aren’t categorized for you in niches.

It all depends on how you look at the list of 400 articles.

Some people like me see the beauty in the profit potential of money words that nobody else is writing articles about.

Others may feel safer having a folder with 20 kayaking artciles, even though 1,000 other people will have the same exact sites with the same articles.

 That’s ok if you prefer the other route. But I’d rather have a large list with100% money making words than hope a few of the TIGHT niche artciles are really profitable and easy to get traffic with.

I must not be alone! 440 others agree! (continued – read more of this article…)

RSS Underground is here!

I just put up a new site called RSS Underground that will also be a membership site, similar to Article Underground.

It will offer many ways to utilize RSS content and show examples of web sites with high quality dynamic content from our blog network.

The details and the plans are a bit rough, but it will be a low cost simple no frills membership site that offers solid value. Stay tuned!

Content includes articles on dynamic content, feed aggregators, Webmaster tools and more!

Article Marketing News

I just set up a new site to help promote my Article Marketing News Newsletter!

The site is called Article Marketing News

If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll receive my 19 page free report “Ban Proof Your Web Sites (and make long term money with article marketing)” which contains over 60 minutes of video.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the video and the free report. It’s been said the report is like a full product on it’s own.

If you haven’t checked it out you can get it at my new site Article Marketing News or also at Article Underground Special Reports.

Note: We’ve since added 3 hours plus of brand new multimedia including videos and mp3 files! Some of the greatest minds in internet marketing have contributed videos! sign up now and you’ll get instant access to all the free videos!